The group was already there when we arrived

This was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. I got up at 6:30, to take a shower and get ready for the day. I fueled up and met Jackie and Rob at Cafe Brasil for a light breakfast. We were headed out to the Hard 8 in Stephenville Tx.

This was a great sticker

A Group of V-Strom guys were meeting there and they had invited all types of bike to attend, so we thought we would take them up on their offer. The route we had chosen was 160 miles to get to the hard 8 and then we would figure out the route home. My beautiful wife had been visiting her parents in Albuquerque and she was returning at 4:45, I thought it would be a good move on the marriage front. hehehe.

Glen Rose Desert Storm memorial

The Trophy in the Glen Rose square.

We rode some nice roads and got to Glen Rose around 11:00am. We had some more back roads planned but time was running out ats the group was planning on being at the Hard 8 by 11:30. So we jumped on 67 and slabbed the 30 miles to get there on time. When we rode up Vern was already there waiting on us. There were already 30-40 bikes in the lot when we pulled in.

We decided to beat the rush and went and got in line. We were the first ones to get started. Well they were the first ones to get started. I left my wallet on the bike and by the time I returned everyone was in line. First to last in a heartbeat. The line was long but moved well. I got my food and sat down to start my feast. I will say that this is not the cheapest of meals as I blew a $20 just feeding myself, but it was damn good.

Yummy Yummy food

My plate before digging in.

After the damage was done, good stuff.

Jackie still amazed that he ate all of that food.

After eating and doing some visiting we headed out. I made the choice to slab home as I was getting pushed on time. Jamie would not be happy if she flew in and no one was there to greet her. We did fine until we hit the 820 loop in Ft Worth. The traffic came to a stop. Thank GOD we had Vern along as he lives in the area. He took us the back way and we got back on the interstate. We flew the rest of the way home. I got home at 3:30PM logging 312 miles for the day. Not bad for lunch. I showered and headed for the airport. I greeted my wife with a smile and a hug and life was good. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

The good guys show up, Jackie, Rob and Jerry

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