Arkansas Fall Colors Ride: Oct 24 – 27

The reservations have been made and we are on track to visit the great state of Arkansas to see the leaves change and to ride the great roads, one more time before the season changes and it gets too cold to go that far up north. We will be staying at the Edelweiss Inn just like our last trip. In fact we will be doing the same routes as last time as well. It is hard to change perfection. The only change will be the fact that we will be staying in Ozark on Sunday evening. We wanted to try something different than Clarksville.

You can see last years trip here. Check out the pictures here.

The roster looks like the following;
Jamie & I – Triumph Trophy 900
Jackie & Alta – BMW 1200 RT
Larry & Lynda – BMW 1200 LT
Richard & Jennifer – Kawasaki 2003 ZZR1200
Herman – BMW 1200 RT

We will be leaving at 8:00AM on Friday Oct 24th. We will meet up with Richard, Jackie and spouses at Nancy’s Cafe in Paris around 9:30AM. We will then ride the rest of the way as a group up to Eureka Springs. We will do a MO ride including the barge on Saturday. This will be a short day as we would like to get back in time to relax and head downtown to have a few drinks and enjoy a nice dinner.Sunday we will get up and do the push mountain loop of the trip. I think Richard and his wife will break off sometime during the day to head back to Dallas. they need to be home by Sunday evening. The rest of us will end up in Ozark on Sunday night and then head home for Dallas on Monday. it should be a great trip. It looks like the Lonestar BMW group will be up there that weekend, so I am sure we will stop at the wagner and kick some tires and hang out some.

So we are extending an invite to anyone that may be up in Arkansas that weekend. maybe we can hook up and talk about bikes and just enjoy new friends. Send me an e-mail and maybe we can hook up along our journey.

4 thoughts on “Arkansas Fall Colors Ride: Oct 24 – 27

  1. Ride Quietly and respect the people who live in the Ozark hills… Hmm that is a brilliant idea. Since my bike and the others that ride with me are on factory pipes that are probably more quiet than your car or the many Harleys that ride in your area. We enjoy riding in that part of the country, but comments like these make me so glad that I live where I do and just visit the great roads in Arkansas. I am sure you all love the dollars left behind by us and all of those loud bikers.. Sorry about the comment but who would leave the above comment anyhow?? just wondering.

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