A group of us decided it was time again to visit The Shed in Edom. It is a nice ride and the weather looked to be wonderful. We had most of the usual characters involved, but did have a couple of new guys show up. Richard on his SV-1000 and Jim on his K 1200s. Rob, Jim and Herman joined up with me and Jamie at the Race trac on Legacy and then headed over to meet up with Vern & Shelly, Jackie & Alta and Richard at the Wally world in Terrell.

We started off well enough, the weather was awesome and we were on our way to the good food at the Shed. The troubles started when we headed down one of the many FM (Farm to Market) roads that was closed a few miles after we got onto it. Well the fun strated there as I thought I could guess my way to the roads that would get us back on track. You all know how that usually works out. I think some of the guys were sursing me under their breath as I took them on some pretty bad Country Roads. (or Bo roads as we like to call them) The pictures below were shot on one of those roads by Alta. You can see all of Jackies pictures here.

After a few U-Turns and much discussion we got back onto the right track. Here are a few more pictures of the confusion. You can see all of Vern’s Pictures here.

everyone thinks they know where we are supposed to go.

More map reading.

We finally made it to the Shed and had a very tasty lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. A bunch of us had the chicken fried steak. Of course most of us had a slice of pie as well. It was a very nice lunch.

This is Richards nice looking SV, hopefully his wife can join us next time.

The gang hanging out behind a slow red car.

Now I don’t know what Jamie was doing here, but it had to be documented. She treats that Air Hawk better than me. hehehe. (Just kidding baby!)

We had a great day, logged over 250 miles and just enjoyed a fun day with friends.. good stuff, Can’t wait to do it again.