The Lonestar BMW Riders held their annual RTE (Ride to Eat) Hamburger Cookout this weekend in Sulphur Oklahoma in the Chickasaw National Rec area. There were a good number of bikes that were on hand. I think over 100 were registered. The weather was great. We all met this morning to get together in groups to ride to the picnic area.

Some of the guys getting ready to break up in groups

I was getting a little artsy with my helmet

Jackie & Rob drinking coffee and kicking tires.

Dual sport guys getting ready to hit the gravel roads

They had people broke up into a fast, medium, slow and dual sport groups. Jackie, Rob, Mark and myself decided to hang out and ride our own route to the rec area. We followed a lot of the route provided by Bo but did make some changes. You can see Bo’s original route on his website.

Pat has a very nice looking Tiger.

Mark’s Goldwing looking good!

Gene Autry Oklahoma

Me and Rob looking smooth. watch out Ladies!

We got to the rec area around 12:30 after making a few stops on the way. The first big stop was at Turner falls at Davis Oklahoma. I had not been there in the past so it was nice to check it out. It is a very pretty place. There were a ton of bikes hanging out there when we arrived. It is always cools hanging out with bikers. Good fun and the weather was awesome. We stopped and got some friend pie before heading for the cook out. When we pulled into Sulphur, we decided to get some gas. We also noticed that across the street, the local fire fighters were wetting down a building that had been destroyed by a fire. We found out later that the local bowling alley had gone up a few nights before and they were still worried about some hot spots.

Turner Falls – Davis Oklahoma.

Herman taking his group out of the falls, on their way to get some fried pie.

Richard hanging out and enjoying the great weather.

Pretty bike..

GS parade – The dual sport guys rode up and scared away all of us “normal” people. hehehe

Bummer we wanted to go bowling later.

When we rode up the place was packed with bikes and smiling faces. We enjoyed our burgers and ate our pie. We visited with some folks and then deccided to hit the road back to the metro-plex. It was a very naice day and a wonderful outing. I am already looking forward to next years event.

Lots of cool looking bikes at the event.

Waiting in line for the food. It was great fun, food and friends.

YUMMY!!!… Lets eat!

Tom telling stories..

Bo’s bike hanging out in the shade

KTM Adventure.

Nice people and cool bikes.

You can see all of the pictures of the event here on my website.

Until next time.. c-ya