Day 3

Eureka Springs – Push Mountain, AR16, AR 123 to Clarksville (258M)

We woke up On Sunday to another beautiful day. The morning was cool and the sky was clear. We were watching all of the reports concerning the hurricane Gustov and we were hoping it would stay away long enough for us to get home. We packed up our bikes as this was our last night in the springs. Tonight we would meet up with my brother in Clarksville. We wanted to get closer to home after a hard day of riding very demanding roads. We went to breakfast at Pancakes and then headed down 62 towards Mountain home then down Push Mountain over to 27, 16 and 123. It is hard to miss a good road in this part of the country. I have to say it again; most of the roads are beautiful, the asphalt perfect and the riding does not get any better than this anywhere. There is little traffic it is pretty close to motorcycle mecca. The pace was pretty brisk as all of us were working pretty hard. There is nothing like blazing thru nice roads, curve after curve, bike after bike. It is a ballet and a wonderful one at that.

Breakfast at Pancakes almost a tradition.

all smiles as Push mountain road was coming up

This was just the beginning

Beautiful roads

The bike was leaned over some as I took this picture, again hard to do with one hand.

After push mountain we headed for lunch stop in Marshall AR. We stopped and ate at the Daisy Queen. The burgers are good and the place is always busy. We had a nice lunch and then headed back out for some spirited riding. 16 and 123 are awesome roads. The minute you hit Push Mountain the curves do not end until you are almost in Clarksville. We would kill for these roads in Texas. I hear people talk about the Texas Hill Country and riding the three sisters. Trust me, these roads blow those away. It is not even a fair comparison. We have done the hill country a few times, and to be honest if I have a choice it is Arkansas HERE WE COME everytime!

We took a break at Sand Gap. There is a nice country store there and since it is a crossroads for 16, 123 and 7 there are always a bunch of bikes just hanging out. It is pretty cool.

Vette enjoying the nice roads as well.

Pretty colors at Daisy Queen

Rob ordering lunch

Bikes at Sands Gap. Pretty cool little general store

all types of bikes and riders were out enjoying the roads

Busa was with large group from the Houston area

16 is awesome, but so is 123, and 7 and so many more roads in that area.

Trophy enjoying the shade.

While at lunch, I got a text from my brother. He said he had some kind of bug and would not be joining us in Clarksville. That was a bummer, but I understand. It is hard riding a bike, when you can’t leave the bathroom.

By the time we got into Clarksville it was a tad warm. The humidity was off the charts and the sun was hot. We all jumped in the shower and then headed down the road a ¼ of a mile or so to get dinner. It was a nice little home style place and the food was good. It was so hot and we all had cleaned up so we did the squid thing to the restaurant. It feels so strange riding in shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt. I could not do it for any amount of time. We got back to the hotel and watched the end of the 250 and GP race so it was a fitting end to the day. When we all pulled into Clarksville after the hard riding we were all amazed that our tires were balling up on the outside due to all of the heat. Not too bad for a bunch of old guys. What a great day!

No gear feels strange

Rob knows where he is headed after dinner