A few weeks ago we had a farewell breakfast ride for Paul. He is moving to the great land of Arkansas to great roads and less traffic.. a lot less traffic. You can read about that here: Paul’s B-fast Ride.

Today the gang got together at Dave’s house and cooked up some meat and had a few drinks and just enjoyed the Sunny Sunday afternoon. We will miss Paul but I am sure we will be stopping by his place a few times a year to visit Arkansas .. er I mean to visit Paul. 🙂 You can see all of the pictures here.

Getting the drink ready… we had plenty. hehehe

Jamie playing with the kids in Dave’s pool.

Harry, Dave and Mark changing the ways of the world.

Standing: Mike, Herman, Paul, Jerry, Rob & Jackie
In Front: Harry, Dave and Vern (Looks like he has had a few too many of the drinks. 🙂