We woke up to the strange silence. It was not raining and the sun was actually trying to come out. Today would be a great day!

We broke camp and had breakfast. We were ready to hit the road, ready to attack a few good roads before heading back west across TN.

This bike was unloaded as we were packing up. Gotta get the Trophy painted in that scheme.

Ray was taking our picture as we loaded up to leave.

Jackie had to run out of the mud that morning. Got his RT some GS time

We stopped at Fontana Dam on the way. It was a nice place. The skies looked like it could rain but it only sputtered some. The riding was great.

The roads are wonderful and twisty! The tarmac is top notch. We did not take enough pictures as we were too busy riding. We did take Wayah Road and that was a visual treat. The pavement was not the best, but it was scenic. It started to rain while we were on it, so we just motored ahead. Thanks to Scott for pointing that road out to us. We did a good high speed pass of the Skyway. No one was on the roads, and there were a few times, that we were 30-40 over the recommended posted MPH. We did not see one LEO all day on those roads.

Jamie takes some great shots from the pillion seat.

Rob caught Jackie and I setting our timers

We got this wet damp picture out of it. The overlook was fogged in.

A guy on a triumph Sprint rode up behind us and followed us into Tellico Plains. We stopped at the same place to eat and he said he had a ball following us as we were having some fun. Jackie called it the speedway instead of the skyway hehehe. Good fun and great roads..

The diner in Tellico Plains served good food. We chatted with some guys and girls on bikes and enjoyed our lunch. The great riding was behind us now. We would head as far east as we could before it got dark. It was a sad moment, knowing the trip was starting to come to an end.

We stayed in the small town of Manchester TN that evening. Tomorrow we still had 300 Miles to Memphis and a couple hundred more to Clarksville AR, it would be a long day.