We have started to prepare for this years big motorcycle journey. We thought we would do this over Memorial Day weekend so that we could actually have 9 days available and only costing those of us who work, 4 days vacation. We have not been back on the bike since 2005 so we are really looking forward to the trip. Nothing has been set in stone and we are in the process of getting places to stay and that sort of thing. Here is the plan. (I want to make sure that this time we take our time, enjoy the scenery and take plenty of pictures.)

Looks like the group will be Jamie & I (Triumph Trophy 900), Rob (BMW 1200GT) and Jackie (BMW 1200RT)

Click on maps to see full size version.

Saturday May 24: Depart N Texas and stay the evening in Dalhart, Texas – 442 Miles

Sunday May 25: Dalhart, Texas to Gunnison, CO – 384 Miles

Monday May 26: Gunnison loop thru Independence Pass and Aspen – 343 Miles

Tuesday May 27:Gunnison loop with Leadville, Breckenridge loop – 298 Miles

Wednesday May 28: Gunnison Loop – short day via CO 92 – 240 Miles

Thursday May 29: Gunnison, Co to Ourey Co via CO 141 & 145 – 276 Miles

Friday May 30: Ourey CO to Red River NM – 293 Miles

Saturday May 31: Red River NM to Wichita Falls Texas – 504 Miles

June 1: Return to N Texas – 145 Miles

We will be camping at the KOA in Gunnison Colorado and the KOA in Ouray CO. We will stay in a hotel in Dalhart, Texas, Wichita Falls Texas & Red River NM. More information to follow.

I will post the routes later this evening. The average temps are posted below for the last week in May.