The pie run was scheduled and we had talked about camping, so it was a natural match. We decided to head out to the Two Wheel Texans Pie Run in Marshall Texas on Saturday. See all of the pictures from the weekend here.

Rob, Jamie and I met at the Race Trac on legacy at 8AM. We were packed and ready to go get some pie and do some camping in Arkansas.

The Trophy is loaded down and ready to go.

We slabbed it down 80 with no issues. There was a lot of traffic, but it was fine. We rode to Mineola and stopped for breakfast at the La Waffalata. This is attached to the world famous East Texas Burger Company. I have to say that breakfast was awesome! I would tell you all to stop by and give it a try. It has a nice baseball theme as well. Very nice!

The bikes in front of the waffle place.

Rob & Jamie waiting for their breakfast.

This thing was outside and it kinda spooked me some. hehehe

We headed out after a great meal, the remaining miles to Marshall. It was a little over cast but very nice riding weather. We arrived at the pie location around 12:35PM. There were a few bikes already there. The remaining group showed up while we were eating our pie. We got to visit with a few old friends and meet some new ones as well. Like always the group of bikes were very different. there were cruisers, sport bikes, sport touring bike, big baggers and a group of scooters showed up. It is always one of my favorite things about these pie runs. I love that people get together and enjoy each other, without any concern on what type of bike you are riding. It is all about Two Wheels! I guess there was a reporter there from a local newspaper. My wife spoke with her for while and she took a bunch of pictures. Here is a link to the newspaper. The article is here: TWTEX Rolls into town.

I got to spend some time chatting with Debbie from the Houston area. I have talked with her a few times and she is always very pleasant and has a wonderful smile. I met her a few years ago on one of our Arkansas trips. She always has time to chat and rides a cool looking bike to boot. Glad to see you Deb!

I borrowed this from Michelle 🙂 – Debbie and I chatting it up. See she is always smiling!

The gang is all here.

Pretty Bike!

Tracker and his son were part of the camping brigade for the weekend.

Motorcycle art – Jerry Style.

My beautiful wife – Love that smile!

Jamie had a few quotes in the article;

“It’s just so much fun,” Two-Wheeled Texan member Jamie James said. Mrs. James and her husband, Jerry, have been a part of the Two-Wheeled Texans for four years.

According to Mrs. James, brands and locations aren’t important.

“There’s no particular kind of bike here,” she said. “Just people from all over who have almost nothing in common getting together and sharing that one thing (motorcycles) they do have in common and eating pie.”

I think she covered it all. It is all about the hobby and the pie!

our pretty reporter asking questions. She was a very nice and seemed to enjoy the group.

The line for pie was a long one.

mmmmm pie!!

After the great pie we headed up north to do some camping in Mena. the weather was awesome. We had never rode up in that area and I have to say that it is very pretty. the trees were green and the sky blue. Life was good. We got up to the lodge around 4PM. We pitched our tents and relaxed some. Dave and Traci came up and had dinner with us.

The day was a good one.

Rob enjoying the nice roads

Home sweet home.

We met up with two couples at the lodge. One was riding a new Concours and the other a BMW RT. They had their wives with them and we chatted a little while. I know they live in the metroplex, but I have forgotten their names. We would love to ride with them in the future. We are always looking to ride with other 2-up couples. So if they read this, please contact us at we would love to get together for a ride.

The view from the lodge was awesome.

The weather had reported that we would get wet that evening while camping. It never happened. In fact Jamie and I were up around 3AM, and it was beautiful outside. We even looked skyward and tried to figure out what those shiny things were in the sky hehehe. The next morning however was a different story. it was WINDY and cold. I am so glad we brought all of our gear. We had breakfast and then loaded up the camp. It was cold, but not unbearable.

Jamie all bundled up.

We decided not to do the ridge as the weather looked bad. We made it down to Big Cedar before we stopped and put on the rain gear. We got rained on for the rest of the ride back to Plano. It was not a bad rain, just a steady down pour. All in all it was a nice trip. We camped, ate pie and met some nice people. 590 miles for the weekend. Life is good!

The bike was a mess when we got home.