We have been thinking of doing a short one night camping trip and we were also thinking of doing the TWTEX Pie run on Saturday so I thought we would combine the two. We will leave Plano and head to Marshall around 8AM on the 26th. We will shoot over to Mineola via 60 and have breakfast. Then we will shoot down 60 and get into Marshall around 12Pm. This way we can watch the riders show up for the Pie Run and get our piece of pie, before the madness begins. We should be able to hit the road around 1:30PM heading for Mena. It is 184 miles to the camp ground so we are looking at getting there around 5:30PM. Plenty of time to pitch a tent and get dinner at the lodge.

Sunday we can get up eat breakfast, break camp and then ride the ridge and head home. Should be a great weekend.