We got up and since we had all the stuff for camping and cooking out we decided to cook up some breakfast at the hotel. I love doing this sort of thing so we cooked up some scrambled eggs and had bacon and sausage. Not a bad way to start the day. We fueled up and headed down to Presidio Texas. The ride from Alpine was not bad. Actually it looked a lot like NM in certain areas.

on the way to the park.

here we are at a stop in Presidio.

The gang in presidio.

We headed over to the river road after our short stop. All I can say is wow! It is hard to believe that this is in Texas. The scenery was awesome. The road was great and we took our time enjoying the views. This makes all of that open road time worth it when you see sites like this. It has to rank up there as one of my favorites for beauty alone.

that is where we are going.

having fun on the river road

I stopped to take plenty of pictures

What a great view

Picture of the trophy.

getting the cameras out to take some pics.

Rob caught me pulling up my pants

pretty picture

Trophy looking good.

Jackie’s bike

Rob’s GT

Jackie, Rob, Vern and Shelly

Rob taking a picture

Vern’s ST looking good

everyone taking pictures.

We had to pull ourselves away from the river road but the park was next and we wanted to eat and hang out there for awhile, so we decided to get going again. Big Bend national Park is a wonderful place. We road down to the Basin to have lunch and do some light hiking. Actually not as much hiking but more picture taking. I don’t know when I will get down in that area again so I wanted to make sure the pictures we a high priority. We had a good lunch and just hung out for awhile. The weather was wonderful.

parking at the Basin

Bob getting ready to ride down to one of the many canyons in Big bend.

view from lookout at the Basin.

Rob, Jerry and jackie hanging out.

big rock

Rob found a friend.

I took Tubo with me. My son in Albuquerque gave that to me so I cold take it on the trip.

Bears.. did someone say bears?

We finished up and then headed back to Alpine to get cleaned up and to cook some steaks on the grill. I cooked up some steak and beans and we had a good Cowboy dinner, I have to say that it was tasty! We also wanted to stop by the Alpine and visit with the STN folks The ride back was uneventful. I did get the little Trophy up over 110mph on the way back. This was a fantastic day. I really enjoyed the views and the company. It was an awesome day!!

rocket bunny looking great! Oh yeah jackie is in the picture as well.

Bikes at the Alpine inn.

The gang hanging out