We got up on Saturday expecting a wonderful day to attend the races. We were not disappointed. The weather was awesome and the riding even better. A group of us met at Motopia and had breakfast before we headed out. Paul, Eddie, Rob and myself were joined by Jackie, Alta and their Daughter (Jennifer) and son -in -law (Michael). It was a great way to start the day. We headed out of town and took some back roads to hook up with Vern in Venus, Texas. After a short break we headed over to the track. It was a beautiful day. listening to the roar of a motorcycle pushing it’s RPM limit is a beautiful thing! We stayed a couple of hours and then everyone parted ways and headed back to the metroplex. The only excitement on the way back was a black truck hauling a car trailer that was empty. Rob and I were headed down the GBH and this truck looked at me and proceeded to change lanes into me. I glanced over and shook my head. I guess he did not like this so he sped up, cut me off then slammed on his brakes. I guess he was offering to trailer the bike to the house. I turned him down and drove by him in a fury, gave him a wave and took off ….he tried to catch me.. silly man haha. I was so mad when I got home, turned on the game drank a beer and relaxed. Other than that the day was a good one. Check out the pictures here.