This year Sport-Touring.Net region 2 meet is being held in Alpine Texas on April 11-14, 2008. Click on the link above to RSVP and to get more details.

Rocketbunny has posted a couple of routes.

A couple of options here.
Davis Mountains + River Road – 320 miles – Davis Mountains loop to Presidio for lunch, to 170 along the Rio Grande. Return to Alpine via 118.
Big Bend Park Tour – 311 miles – 118 to Big Bend Park, stops at Santa Elena Canyon, Main Visitor’s Center, and Rio Grande Village (3 out and back rides, optional)

Our group from North Texas is heading that way. So far we have as confirmed for the trip: Jerry, Vern & Shelly, Rob, Jackie and Bo. The jury is still out on the following; Dave & Traci, Pete, Herman and Paul.

We have decided to camp during our trip to Alpine. We will be staying at the Lost Alaskan RV Park. It is just down the road from the meet hotel. Vern, Shelly and myself will be loading up the bikes on the trailer and heading down that direction on the evening of April 9th. We will probably stay in Abilene that evening. The next day April 10th we will hit the road and travel the remaining 320 miles to Alpine. Rob has said he will probably meet us in Abilene that evening as he has the entire day off and we can’t leave until after work. This means we will not get to Abilene until after dark. The rest of the gang will be riding up to Alpine on Thursday. By the time they get there, we hope to have the tent set up with the BBQ grill fired up and the margarita machine working overtime.

On Friday we will get up have breakfast and do the Big bend loop. This will be a 300+ mile day and should be a wonderful ride. I am hoping someone in our group has the route on GPS file already. If not I will make one up in a week or so. The loop should be something like the route below.

The next day (Saturday) I think we will do the Fort Davis loop and check out the observatory. This will be a short 140 mile day. This allows for people to relax on Saturday before the long ride home on Sunday. The route will look something like this.

Sunday morning we will get up pretty early and pack up camp and head back to Big D… Ugh! This should be a great trip. I have never been in that part of Texas and I am really looking forward to the weekend.