Well here is the plan for next weeks quick over-nighter. We will stay at the Lime tree Inn in Mena. the lodge was booked and did not have a room available, I think it is still to cold to try and camp. I have called and gotten two rooms.

Vern & I will share (hopefully his snoring does not make me go to the other room hehehe)
Rob & Jackie will have the 2nd room
Rate $59.00
Thought we would try this as the Sun Country wanted $89 a night.

I was thinking we would meet at Cafe Brasil in McKinney at 10AM. We can eat breakfast or brunch or whatever and then hit the road. We can do the ridge and then head down in Mena to get our room. I was thinking we could do the same thing on Sunday. This allows us to let it warm up some before we hit the road. I do want to be home by 4PM on Sunday for the NCAA March Madness Bracket show.