What a beautiful day! The weather was fabulous and the ride even better. We had a late Saturday night, but Jamie and I jumped out of bed and was ready to roll Sunday morning. We met Rob at the Race Trac. We beat him to the spot for the first time in ages. Could have been I told Jamie we needed to be there at 8:30am but Rob and I knew we had to be there at 8:45am so we were all on time.

We then headed on over to meet up with Jackie and Alta. The traffic was not to bad and we all showed up at the meeting spot around 9:30AM. We were happy that Alta could go with us. Today was her B-day and she had a busy day. We love her and we are so happy to call her friend.

We took all of the back roads and just enjoyed the beautiful day. We stopped one time around 25 miles from Edom. We really had a great time. I miss being on the bike.

The Shed has always been a favorite place of ours. There were a few bikes there when we rode up but many more by the time we started to the house. We love the country feel and the food was very good. I had a burger and Jamie had the Chicken Fried steak. We finished up with some pie. It was a nice meal. We also ran into some of our friends that ride a Harley. They joined us for lunch. We also ran into them on the way home, that was a nice surprise as they are great people.

Jamie was looking over there bike, trying to find out out to make the trophy this comfy and roomy. We logged 280 miles for the day. It was sunny, and the roads were good. We love our friends and it was a nice way to kick off the riding season. Until Next time. See all of the pictures here.