We got to test out the new tire changer that came to me via the generosity of Herman (Thanks again!) this past weekend. On Saturday a group of guys came over to see if I could lose a finger or make a major ass of myself. I did not lose a finger so that was the good news.

Herman brought over the Tire Changer and showed us how to use it. Vern’s tire was already there so we had a practice tire. Vern had taken the tire off his ST 1300 so we were ready to go. The process was not hard, took a little elbow grease but seemed pretty painless. We changed his tire in 30 minutes. Not bad for the first time.

After that we decided to take the Tire off the Triumph, it was a very easy process and much easier than I thought it would be. After taking the tire off I decided to do some cleaning. We also replaced the rear brake pads as they were almost shot.

The guys all had a great time watching me trying to play mechanic. I will be the first to admit that it is not my forte, but hey I am trying and I am learning.

I also did some improvements to the garage. I added a light and made a work bench and built some metal shelfs for some of our items. The garage is looking good. I want to thank all of our friends for helping with the tires. Hopefully my tire comes in today so that I can get it on and maybe ride by the weekend.