Cutting Edge Helmet Ads

I was over reading Twisting Asphalt and saw this on his blog. For those of you not familiar with Twisting Asphalt, Please take a moment and check it out. A great blog about Ducati’s and bikes in general. He takes some great pictures as well. He has a great article concerning a helmet ad campaign, in Vietnam. It is very cutting edge but gets the point across. I understand about personal freedoms, but why in the world would anyone ride without a helmet? Just from a common sense stand point. If you crash without helmet protection odds are it is not going to be a good experience. Go read more about this on his blog. Helmet Ads

One thought on “Cutting Edge Helmet Ads

  1. They should have these around Albuquerque. I just moved up to the US for grad school, and I’m amazed at the amount of dimwits not wearing helmets. Cheers,durandal


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