UPDATE: Yes I have finally made the routes for the trip. Mapsource was kicking my ass, but I think I have it figured out.

This is the route from Plano to Mena

This is the route from Mena – Mt Mag – Eureka Springs

This is the Long route for Saturday 324 Miles

This is the Short route for Saturday 200 Miles

I washed the bike did all the pre ride check and I am ready to go.

I have called the Sun Country Inn and reserved 4 rooms for Sept 20. This should give us, Jackie & Alta,
Dave & Traci and Vern & Shelly a place to stay that evening. Looks like Rob,& Bo & Cindy, are heading up on Friday and will meet us up there. Clay is still on the fence but we are hoping he can make it. I know Tom is coming up from Houston but do not know when he is riding up. I am working on the routes for all of us with a GPS . (insert jokes here! hehehe)

CSTN 2007 Eureka Springs Arkansas.

I was surfing around ST.net and saw that this years regional get together will be held in Eureka Springs this year. I have already called and booked a room. The rooms are filling up fast. I think that Jamie and I will ride up into Arkansas on Thursday afternoon and then stay in Mena on Thursday evening. We will make the rest of the trip up to Eureka Springs on Friday as we might have to make a Mt Magazine stop as well. We will then ride home on Sunday. So does anyone want to join us? I know this is a little far in advance but I just thought I would see what we could get started.

IN –
Jerry & Jamie
Vern & Shelly
Jackie & Alta
Dave & Traci
Bo & Cindy

Maybe –
Clay & Wendy

Read about it here on ST.net:

September 21-23, 2007 (Friday night through Sunday morning)

Eureka Springs, AR
(NW corner of the state, with lots of great riding in AR and MO)

We have a block of 30 rooms reserved at the Traveler’s Inn (479-253-8386). Reasonable prices (under $50/night for a single person) and clean rooms. The social aspect in staying here can’t be beat. Camping is available in-town too. When you reserve a room, say you’re with Sport-Touring.Net.

Friday PM: Early Arrivals Dinner- Location TBD
Friday PM: Hang out on the veranda at the hotel
Saturday AM: Breakfast at Pancakes (across the street)
Saturday Ride (route ideas will be posted as the event gets closer, or look up a cache of last years thread on google)
Saturday PM: Dinner – rider’s choice. There are several places within walking distance.
Sunday AM: Goodbyes to the early departures and breakfast for those who have extra time.