A group of us wanted to ride some on Sunday but we also knew it was going to get hot! We decided to leave at 7AM and head up to Bonham, eat breakfast and then get back to town before the really bad heat warmed up the afternoon.

Jackie & Alta, Paul, Rob, Bo, Herman and Jamie and I met at the Starbucks off Bethany and 75. Bo showed up a little late, but we did not give him to bad of a time, since it was his B-day weekend and he had a few bottles of the vino the night before. We rode up North, hit 697 and then got over to Cappy’s around 9:30.

We had a hearty (not healthy) breakfast and then headed back. It was the first trip that I had used the GPS. I have to say that it was very nice and we only made a couple of “unscheduled” turns.

By the time we got back into town it was hot, but at the end of the day, life was good. We got to ride some nice roads, with good friends, what more could one ask for. You can see a few pictures that I took here. Jackie & Alta took some pictures as well. You can see theirs here. I did take some of Jackie’s pictures for this write up. Thanks Jackie!

Until Next time.. be safe..