Yesterday we got a group together and wired up My Trophy and Rob’s GT with the new GPS Systems. Rob got the new Zuma 550 from Garmin. Rob passed on his 2610 to me. Now as many of you know I am not the most mechanical of guys, but we had some wonderful help. Dave, Jackie, Rob and I got together at 2PM in Rob’s garage. Things went pretty smoothly and we were all done by 5PM. No one had any real issues.

Rob and Jackie working on the GT

We did a few changes on the Trophy. Below is how it look beofre we started. I have my wifes heated vest hooked up as well as an cig adapter mounted in the fairing. Thanks to Jackie for the pictures.

We moved all of that and put in a block and Relay, here are how things looked after that.

Things went well, there was no smoke and the GPS actually worked. Whoo hoo. The GPS is mounted here. It works and I think I am going to love it. Thanks to Rob for Paying it forward to me.. You da man. Thanks again. Now we all can get lost together… ha ha

Rob got his all together as well with only a few snags on getting the plastic on the GT. Below are some pictures from his bike.