Motorcycle Weekend Get-A-Way! – July 14, 2007

Where: Nacogdoches TX – The Oldest Town in Texas
When: July 14-15, 2007
Why: Because we have not done a bike trip lately. (Do we need a reason?)

You have been invited on a motorcycle weekend get-a-way to the oldest town in Texas. Nacogdoches is calling our name. We will be staying at the historical Fredonia Hotel in downtown:

I see the trip going something like this:

Depart Plano at 8AM, Ride the back Roads to Edom and have breakfast at the Shed. Then jump on some of the Farm Roads and head down to Nacogdoches, stopping along the way to admire the piney woods and just enjoy the day. We can get to the hotel after 3PM and check in; we have a few options after that. We can go for a swim, head downtown to look around or do both. Then do a nice dinner that evening and enjoy our time together away from the concrete city that we live in.

On Sunday I was thinking we could get up and hit the road, ride thru the woods to Logan’s Port LA, then head up to the town of Jefferson. We can eat breakfast there and check out the antiques in town. Then head home the long way just riding and stopping when we want. It looks like that the weather should be okay and we will have our rain suits just in case.

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