We got up and headed to Grumpy’s for breakfast. The weather was fabulous and the day looked like it was made for riding. Rob and I brought along our “ride hats” Jackie forgot his.

We headed up 71 and then jumped on 23. The picture below was taken at Booneville.

The roads got really good from here on out for the rest of the day. We took the loop 109 – 309 up to Mt Magazine. What a beautiful place. We snapped some pictures and ate lunch in the lodge. The lodge in Mena is cool, but this place was awesome. We might have to stay up there sometime soon.

We stopped at the Visitor center on Mt Magazine and ran into a group of guys on Goldwing Trikes. We talked bikes and they told us about a few lookouts that we should not miss. The center is very nice and we found “the bear” as well.

The lodge and the view up there was fantastic. I had never heard of Mt Magazine, but it sure is a pretty place. We will be back.

We had a nice lunch and headed out to do some fun riding. We wound up on AR 7 and for those of you that have never ridden it, you must mark it down and try to get up there. The road is wonderful, it has it’s share of technical riding as well as long fast sweepers and the scenery is top notch. I never get tired of this area. We took it all the way down to Hot Springs (Too much traffic and people) and then jetted back to Mena. We stopped at a few places along the way to cool off and site see. We made a stop at De Gray Lake. Snapped some pictures and then noticed that it was getting a little dark so we better head out to avoid the rain.

We jumped on the bikes and took off. Somewhere around Amity the sky’s opened up and just dumped on us. No warning no nothing.. well I guess there was a warning as the sky got dark, the clouds formed and a lightning strike.. that had to land 100 ft from us or so it felt and sounded. We got soaked and as always our rain gear was nice and dry in the hard bags of our motorcycles. We stopped as the rain appeared to slow. We looked at each other and were trying to figure out if we needed the put the rain gear on. Jackie and Rob looked at me and I said “Hell we are already soaked and it looks like it is stopping lets move forward, no gear needed.” Well we jump on the bikes get .5 miles and then BAM it rains as hard as I have ever seen. I could not see 10 ft in front of me and I was actually scared. Jackie pulled off in an abandoned gas station that had an over hang. We decided that it was time for the gear. We did not have dry shirts, so I took mine off and just put on my dry liner, then put the frog toggs on then the jacket. This worked BIG TIME as I was warm and dry and by the time we got back to the Inn my gear was dry. It only rained a good 20 minutes, but we will remember it for years to come. We got back to the Inn around 7:30 that night, clocking 380 miles. It was a wonderful day. We ate dinner and hit the bed as we were pretty much done from the day of hard riding.