We are headed out for a little ride over the Mother’s Day weekend. Jamie has a family function to attend in Las Cruces, NM so she will not be available and she told me we should do a ride over the weekend, so who am I to argue?

Rob, Jackie and Myself (Dave bailed out on us hehehe) will be heading out the morning of May 11. We will start the ride from the Cafe Brasil in McKinney and then head up using the following route. We are staying at the Sun Country Inn.

On Saturday we will do a 320+ loop, heading over to Mt Magazine and then drop down AR 7 and hit Hot Springs and then back up to Mena. It should be a wonderful trip. I have not done a longer trip by myself (non 2up) in a long time, might be a nice change. I will miss Jamie as she is a great riding partner.