We hit the road on Thursday evening (March 19) and made it to Oklahoma City. The weather was awful, it rained harder than I have seen in many many years. Tornadoes had touched down in OKC so people we a tad excitable. We got up early Friday morning and headed to Sauk Rapids MN. We left the hotel at 6:30AM and rolled into Sauk Rapids at 7:30PM. The drive was pretty uneventful as the rain was not hard. It kept us wet but was not an issue to drive in. We met up with Guy Ausmus at his house and after doing some chatting and looking at the Trophy, we decided that the bike was coming home to Dallas. He gave me a bunch of stuff with the bike including a Triumph Jacket, a Trophy Shirt, a bike cover and some brake pads along with all of the bikes records. It was 37 degrees and sleeting when we loaded the bike. We stayed in St Cloud on Friday night. We headed back to Dallas on Saturday morning. The weather was not bad at all and we actually got to see all of the things between MN and Oklahoma. Not really exciting stuff, but it was cool seeing new places. We stayed in Guthrie OK last night. We loaded up and made it back to Dallas by 9:30A on Sunday. I kissed Jamie and gave the kids a hug and then went out and washed the bike. It was a mess from the journey. Rob S and I went for a little ride putting 70 miles on the new bike. It rode like a dream. You can see all of the pictures from our trip here: Bringing home the Trophy.

Bad looking Skies outside OKC

On the road.

Someplace in Minnesota

Guy Ausmus Previous owner – bought ST 1300 to replace the Trophy

Trophy loaded up and headed to Texas

Cleaning up the new baby