Hill Country Trip
922 Miles – 3 days

Last year we headed down to the Hill country for the holiday weekend. Read about last years trip here. So this year we decided that we would do that again. Jamie got tickets again to the Cowboy game on Thanksgiving, we are not fans of the boys (Go Broncos) but my brother and his wife are, so we decided to take them. We had a wonderful time. We tailgated, drank beer and just enjoyed the day. Oh yeah, the weather was awesome. It had to be 75-78 degrees, just a great day!

The Cowboys won and we actually left early as the game was a blow out. Carrie Underwood sang at the half. Tony Romo looked great and the Bucs.. well not so much, they suck! You can see all of the pictures from the game here. Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size versions.

We got up and met Rob at the Race Trac on Legacy and 75 at 8:45AM on Friday morning. We filled the bikes up and headed over to Cafe Brazil for breakfast. The bikes looked great loaded down. The new soft bags sat well on the Strom and they rode like a dream. We were so surprised at how much the bags could take. They were a very good investment. They look great as well. See for youself.

We headed out of town around 10AM. We shot down 75 to 35 (That is always a fun ride.. NOT!) We jumped off on 67 and headed towards Stephenville. We headed towards Comanche and the the trip begun, as we jumped on 16. I love this road, it is a nice ride and you can see the terrian change from the boring Northern Texas landscape, to the nice rolling hills of the hill country. We made it to Kerrville around 5:30PM. We stayed at the YO Resort, and I will have to say that we will be looking for new accomadations the next time we are down there. The room was not ready when we arrived, the staff was rude and then dinner was a complete joke, The place was under staffed and we waited 55 minutes for a table. Memo to the YO. If your hotel is booked solid (The ladies words behind the desk) why in the hell would you not have enough staff to take care of things? We were very disappointed and like I said we will not stay there again.

On Saturday it was overcast and damp, but the day would up be a good one. We road over to 1340 and did Stonehenge II we then headed over to the three sisters. We road 335 and 337 by-passing 336 as the cattle guards in the middle of the corners spook me some, and Jamie was on her first trip since the accident. I did not think she need that much excitement on her first trip back in the saddle. More on my thoughts about her getting back on the bike a little later.

We had a wonderful day of riding. I have never seen so many Goldwings in my life. There we a ton of them and they actually out numbered the Harleys. Very few sport bikes were there, mostly wings and some BMW guys. We did see 3 other Stroms while riding around. We ran into some people riding Wings in Camp Wood. We talked with them and found out that they were staying at the YO as well. They invited us to hang out some when we got back to the hotel. Jamie and I had a drink with them later that evening. Very nice people. There were 3-4 couples so it was nice talking two up with someone other than boring Rob with our stories. Hopefully we can hook up and talk with them soon. They rode the hell out of the Wings, they passed us at one point like we were standing still. Again a great bunch of nice people.

We did not take a bunch of pictures while out riding this time. Jamie is usually the one snapping pictures from the back of the bike while we are zooming thru the country side. I did not let her this time as she is still healing and I wanted her to just sit back and get used to be in the seat again. You can see her work from last year here.

Now as many of you know we had a little accident in September, we totaled the Connie. We were in full gear, but Jamie hit a rock and broke her Scapula and seperated her shoulder. She was in a sling for 6 weeks and is still attending PT. The reason I bring this up is this. I remember my first “get off” years ago. I was scared to get back on the bike, but I knew I had to as it was a part of me. I think that Jamie has that same bug. She has been hounding me to get back on, as soon as the Dr. said it was okay. I love my wife and I am so glad that she still wants to ride with me. I love being on the bike with her. She is my soulmate and my friend. I am so thankful that she is okay and that she still wants to ride.

If you notice the little bear. Our friends Dave and Traci got that for us, as a good luck charm. The bear will be making trips with us for a little while. We need all of the good Karma we can get. 🙂

We Headed ack to Dallas on Sunday. We stoped for BBQ at Coopers on our way back. The rest of the day was some of the best riding. It was nice out and deep down, we know that the great weather will not last all winter long. I was just enjoying the ride as they say. You can see all of the pictures here.