As many of you know Jamie & I , Rob S, Jackie & Nata, Vern & Shelly, Dave & Traci, Tom and Travis headed off to Eureka Springs to do some riding over the long weekend. Everyone left on Friday morning except Jamie, Dave, Traci and I. Jamie did not get off as early as planned so we did not head out of town until after 6PM. Dave and I loaded the bikes up in the afternoon and we hit the raod as soon as Jamie got to Plano.

We finally arrived in Eureka Springs at 12:30am on Saturday morning. We all hit the bed, looking forward to some great roads to ride for the next few days. We awoke at 7AM, jumped in the shower and headed off to get some breakfast. We all had a wonderful breakfast and then threw on our gear and headed out.

We had two routes planned. Some of the group went on a shorter loop while Rob, Tom, Travis and Jamie & I were going to do the longer route. Something like 270 miles of Arkansas twisties.. :rider:
We had went down AR23 and had turned onto AR16. The weather was wonderful and the pace was brisk but nothing crazy. Well until this happened.
Jamie and I came into a right hander.

I was probably going 40 or so as this turn was not marked. (Most are in AR) I leaned over, at this time I noticed that I was into the corner a little hot, I did not panic (This has happened a few times in the past hehehe ) I just leaned the bike further, The right peg started to drag, this is no biggie as we do this all of the time as well. I then noticed that the corner came back on itself, much tighter than I had anticapated. I leaned further, but then it hit me that I was in trouble and would not make the corner. :giveup: I then had a few choices, lay the bike down right there or try and run into the grass area and see what happens. I opted for the grass. I hit the grass on two wheels, the bad part of the equation was the grass was wet due to the morning dew..
The bike went down and hard! I remember hoping that Jamie remembered to let go as I had told her to do if we were ever in this situation. We slid a good 20-30 feet before coming to a rest. I remember watching as I was being pulled by the bike by my boot thru the grass. I shook my hands and legs and my head did not hurt, so I immediately got up and went to find Jamie. She was on her left side, not moving. I called out to her, I called out the second time, before she answered. She said that she could not breath. She also said that her left arm hurt. I told her to relax, She was in pain as her arm was really hurting at this time. I was going to leave her helmet on, but she was shaking her head back and forth saying that she could not breath, so I took it off. This helped a bunch as she relaxed. She actually stood up and we walked up the hill a few feet before she needed to sit down again. Tom was right behind us. There was also another man on a cruiser who was parked at this corner. He called 911.

The first response team got there in 5-10 minutes. They had Jamie lie on a back board and strapped her down. They got her vitals and then the EMS showed up. I have to say that ALL of the emergency people were surprised that we had on gear and helmets. They loaded her and I up and we were off to in Fayetteville.

The hospital staff was again surprised that we were in gear. They had had a few accidents already and no one was wearing the correct items, like helmets, gloves that sort of thing. The Doc came in and after Jamie had some x-rays, he confirmed what we had thought. Jamie had a Broken Scapula.

They released her and Dave and Vern came and picked us up. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and counting our blessings. I had a few bruises, but nothing more. Here are some pictures of the gear

The bike on the other hand, might be a total loss. I have to say the gear, was the savior. The helmets, Jackets, pants, gloves and boots all did their job. I have included some pictures of the bike.

We did hang out the rest of the weekend and visited a few places in Eureka while resting. One of the coolest places we saw was the thorncrown Chapel, what a beautiful place.

The group went riding on Sunday and then came back and had some dinner. We all had a great time. I have to say that I love our friends.

End closing .. we were lucky. We are safe and sound and will ride another day.

I am also glad we had good friends with us. You guys are the best. The first response team was FABULOUS! The ER staff was great! Like I said we were and are VERY lucky. YOu can see all of the pictures here: Picture Gallery You can see more pictures here: Robs Gallery

We had the trailer so getting the bikle home was easy, now I am hoping to get the insurance company moving. We have a ride planned for Thanksgiving.. Talk with you all soon.
PS. I know the guys took more pictures so look for them soon.