Arkansas Get away – June 23-25

We have decided to have a get away weekend to ride the roads in Arkansas. We will be staying at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. I have reserved 3 tent sites. We can put 2 tents per site. If you do not want to camp you can stay in the lodge. The number is: (479) 394 2863 or (479) 394 2864

Depart Friday June 23 to Arkansas: We will ride up on Friday morning, set up camp and then ride some in the afternoon. Jamie will be taking the truck so we can take the grill and coolers and all of that fun stuff. Friday night we will eat at the lodge.

Saturday June 24: I have planned a ride to enjoy some of the great roads in Arkansas. we will put on 250-320 miles on Saturday. That evening we will cook burgers and hotdogs on the grill.

Sunday June 25 Ride back to Dallas: We will pick up the camp sites and head out sometime mid morning. I think we will eat breakfast at the Lodge that morning

Here is the list of people I have so far that are a go.

Pete – Camping
Rob – Camping
Jamie & Jerry – Camping
Vern – Camping
Dave & Tracy – Undecided

Paul – Undecided
Herman – Lodge

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