Day Three: Atlanta to Suches GA (Two Wheel Only Campground)

We got up and loaded the bikes up with the camping gear. We had breakfast and was on our way. We are getting good at packing the bikes, practice makes perfect I guess. I want more practice hehe.

Our first stop was a tiny gas station for a drink and to make sure the camping gear was staying attached to the bikes.

We took off and ran some beautiful roads as we headed for Amicalola Falls I had visited this state park in the past but wanted to go up there again. It is such a pretty place. We went to the top and hiked down the man made stairs to the middle. It was awesome. So pretty and peacful. We were there on a Thursday, so the packs of people that would come on the holiday weekend had not arrived. We had the place to ourselves.

We spent a couple of hours up there just enjoying the coolness of the waterfalls. I took a few shots of my beautiful wife, some of Rob and even a few self portraits.

Remember I said that we hiked down to the middle. Well after 425 steps back to the top I was exhausted. I needed a beer. Damn I am out of shape.

We took off and headed up 60 to the campground. We wanted to get up there stake our claim and pitch our tents before the crowds started to arrive. This turned out to be a great move. The roads are fabulous in that part of the country. There are more curves than a person can count. It is motorcycle heaven.

We get to the campground and put the tents up and get unpacked. The minute we finish it starts to rain, not rain.. it poured like hell! It was coming down in buckets. We ran to the front and put our bikes into some covered parking. We had some company as there were already 4-5 bikes seeking shelter. Including one very nice Ducati.

It finally stopped raining after an hour or so. During this time we were hungry so we hit the local convenience store and had dinner. You know those microwave hotdogs, hamburgers? They taste damn good when you are hungry. We finished our gourmet meal, after that we wanted to ride some. We headed up 60 to Morgantown, the road was the best, it was a little wet out so we took it slow, we got to Morgantown and decided that the road would be dry enough to pic up the pace. We were right. We blasted back to the campground. What a beautiful 60 miles loop.