One of the many places I visit while surfing the web is the TCAT board. A bunch of Concours Owners hang out there. It is a great board and I have mostly just lurked about. That changed when I noticed the group was going to Mena for this past weekend. They were going to have a fish fry get together. I e-mailed Richard and he was very very nice. He set me up with his address so I could send him the money for the fish fry and also gave me some information of the camping. I have to say it again; Richard and his beautiful wife were awesome! We were new to the group and they made us feel very welcome. That is one thing about COG people. We are all nice hehehe.

We left on Saturday morning at 7AM. It was Jamie and I and the two sprint guys, Rob and Bo. It was a great morning.

We used a modified rout from Old Paul. The roads were good and the traffic was not an issue. We went and had breakfast in Wolfe City at a really bad local café. I have never seen a mom and pop place use biscuits from a can.. They also wanted Bo to sign a waiver to order sunny side up eggs? We were still laughing about that 30 minutes later. We headed off and had to stop a few minutes later when Rob had a malfunction with his RAM mount on his GPS. Here is Rob fixing the mount.

At this stop Bo opened his side bag and I saw the biggest damn rain suit I had ever seen. Triumph needs to come up with a smaller more space effective suit. Check it out. That is it on the left. That big black case.

So we fixed the mount and headed off. We ran some great roads and even got in some dual sport riding, as Robs GPS decided our bikes were way to clean. Here is a picture supplied by Bo. It was taken on our off-road jaunt.

We took our time and enjoyed the ride. We stopped and did the State sign photo as all riders must do on their journeys. Here we are heading into Oklahoma. The first photo (thanks Bo) is Jamie, Rob and Myself looking pretty cool in the hot weather. The 2nd picture has Rob, Bo and Jamie next to the bikes. The last one is our beautiful machines.

We stopped and got water at this little Café, Motor parts, plumbing and hardware store.. The dog outside was the best.

We stopped and had lunch in Talihina, Oklahoma at a good little greasy spoon. Good food and fun was had by all. It was really warm riding so the AC was a nice change.

Jamie and I have never been to Mena. We were looking forward to seeing the area. We were not disappointed. The place is wonderful and the roads are great. We even saw a sign warning us to be on the lookout for Big foot. We actually saw big foot miles later on the way to the lodge. Really it ran right out in front of Rob. We later found out it was probably a black bear, but you never know hmmmm….

We rode up Indian Nation Turnpike to the Talimena Scenic Drive. What a great road. This is where the Concours decided to stretch its legs.. leaving those two new Sprints behind. It was awesome. I just put a new tire on the Connie, so it was grabbing very well. What a fun road to ride. We stayed at the campgrounds at Queen Wilhelmina lodge. This is where the fish fry was taking place. We also used this as a chance to get a test run on our new camping gear before our big Colorado road trip in July. I am really bad at names so I am not even going to try and name the people in the photos. The fish was FANTASTIC! This was a picture of my fish.mmmmTASTY!

We really enjoyed talking with our new friends. It was a great evening. The next morning we packed up, ate breakfast at the Lodge and was off to ride some of the great roads of the area. This time Jamie took the camera and snapped a few shots of the ride. Some of there were taken as she pointed the camera over her shoulder.. They came out really well.

Check out these nice roads..

This picture is really good. It is my desktop wallpaper. Check out the sign. Desktops: 8001024

Bo and Rob onboard their Sprints..looking cool?? hehehe

You can see all of the pictures here: [ Photo Gallery ]