We were headed down to the hill country to camp and enjoy the city of Kerrville, Texas. We started seeing the weather reports for the long weekend and it did not look good for us doing the camping thing. So on Thursday I called Rob and we decided that we would change plans. We had not rode up in Arkansas and Missouri before and it looked like the weather would be good up in that part of the country. So off to Eureka Springs and the MTA Region 4 Rally.

We would take off after Jamie got off work at 4:30PM on Friday, this would make us getting into Eureka pretty late that evening. Rob and I were off on Friday so we started to do things to prepare for the trip. Rob was getting his panniers for his Triumph Sprint installed at BMW of North Dallas in the morning. We would go sign the final paperwork on my new Kendon Trailer at Plano Honda while the bags were getting installed. Evereything went fine, we got the bags, packed the truck and loaded the trailer. This is where we had our little “mishap”

Rob and I were trying to load the Sprint and we dropped her on her side. UUGH! We were sick! It was something we should have avoided, all we had to do was think things thru. We tried to ride the bike up the trailer, that is a BIG MISTAKE. The new right side pannier took the biggest hit and scratched the side panel of the bag up real good. There is some slight damage to the fairing, but the damage was not very visable. We finally loaded the two bikes with no issues and we were off to the rally. Rob is pictured here covering the damage.

Well Eureka Springs is 371 miles from here in Dallas. (Plano actually) Well we were told to take 23 into Eureka Springs. This was not the right thing to do. We should have taken 62 in to town. We know better for the next trip. If we were riding in, this would have been a great idea, but not hauling two bikes with a trailer at 2am. There are more 15-20 MPH curves on that rode. It took us two hours on 23. We almost ran out of gas, as not many stations are open in the forest of Arkansas at 2AM.. We found one and finally rolled into Eureka Springs at 3am, Saturday morning. So all in all we were tired but we were there and the bikes, trailer and most of all ..we were there in one piece.

We saw this guy at dinner. He had a few more bikes on his trailer than we did.

On Saturday we got up and rode some of the most amazing roads, that I have ever had the chance to lean my bike on. They were well maintained and curvy as hell. We rode up into Missouri and just enjoyed the day. It was GREAT!

Jamie and Rob trying to read a map together. Talk about the blind leading the blind hehe.

We went to the MTA dinner and enjoyed talking with our new friends. Here are some pictures of the bikes parked outside at the hotel. We stayed at the Best Western – Inn of the Ozarks.

A bunch of the Texas guys and girls took off on Saturday, thinking that they would avoid the rain. We stayed as since we did not ride up, we could get wet going home in the comfort of the truck. Well it never rained in Eureka and so we rode again on Sunday. I can’t say it enough, the roads were the best. Traffic was bad in some areas, but all in all it was a great day of riding. Below are pictures of the three amigos. Rob and I are first and then we have my beautiful fiance’ Jamie. What a fun trip. On the way back we ran into the Two Wheeled Texas group that had also been down there. That was cool, as we got to put some of the faces with the names from the TWT board.

We will go back.. THIS SUMMER! The place was great and the riding and friends even better. A special thanks for the MTA group. They made us feel right at home. See all of the pictures here: [ PHOTO GALLERY ]