The holiday weekend is fast approaching, so we have decided to do this on that long weekend.

What: Road Trip to the Hill Country
When: May 27 – 30, 2005
Where: Austin – Hill Country
Why: We want to try out some camping gear and get out for a longer overnight ride. Rob needs to try out his new bags (If they get here in time) We will be staying here: Kerrville Camp Site. We will check out Fredricksburg as well. We will be riding on Saturday and Sunday.

Tentative Schedule:
Friday 27, 2005: Load up the bikes and trailer to Kerrville. (only of Robs bags are not here yet)
Saturday 28, 2005: Ride to Kerrville if Robs bags are here. If we trailer today will be a ride day.
Sunday 29, 2005: Ride day
Monday 30, 2005: Return to Dallas.

If you want to join us, just e-mail me.