Top O the Rockies – July 14-17, 2005

Colorado Here we come!!

The dates have been set for the Top O the Rockies Rally in Paonia Colorado. July 14-17 are the rally dates. I was thinking that we would have to break down the trip like this.

July 13, 2005: Plano to Albuquerque (we will drive and trailer the bikes)
It will be a full day getting to Albuquerque. Probably 11-13 hours with the trailer
July 14, 2005: Albuquerque to Farmington (unload bikes in Farmington) Then off to Paonia.

It is 183 miles to Farmington. If we leave at 7am we should be there no later than 11AM, we eat lunch unload the bikes and head the 208 miles to Paonia. We should be in there by 4-5PM.
July 15-16, 2005: Rally, Riding and lots of fun.
July 17, 2005: Paonia to Farmington (load bikes) Farmington to Albuquerque.
July 18, 2005: Albuquerque to Plano (A long day driving)

So that is only 4 days off of work. It should be a great time. I have a couple of links for you all to check out.
Colorado Beemers

2001 Top O the Rockies

One thought on “Top O the Rockies – July 14-17, 2005

  1. Nice blog. I appreciate the posting of the Grid Girls. I also am from Texas. I live in a town southwest of Houston. I was just curious if you’ve ever ridden the Dragon in Tennessee?


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