The ozark escape did not disappoint!

Great weather, good friends and Zero accidents makes this Ozark Escape one of the best rallies of the year!

WOW! I am sitting here starting to write the ride report from this years Ozark Escape. We never thought that this event would get as large as it has become. This is the 5th year that we have had this event and each year it seems to get bigger and better! Jamie and I are proud to host this “Just For Fun” event.

Thursday April 21
We had been watching the weather for the past week and this morning we were greeted with bright skies and a weather forecast that looked very promising. This is the main reason we moved the event back into late April.

Jamie had to work today, so she would be driving up after teaching her last class. I finished loading up the bike and headed out to Eureka Springs around 2PM. I was excited to get the event underway and the ride to the springs just wet my appetite. It was going to be a wonderful weekend.

Jamie arrived and we had dinner with our friends and awesome Dual-Sport ride leaders Dustin & Kate. This event would not be the same without them. They know the trails of Arkansas like no other. Their vast knowledge and awesome riding skills were on display as they led the dual-sport rides on Friday and Saturday. Go check out their social media @solivesoride – Thank you Dustin & Kate for making this a memorable event.

I have so much to learn from these two. Great folks and experienced off-road riders.

We had a great dinner at Sparky’s with Dustin, Kate and Yeeha Stephen. We were all excited about the weekend. The twisty roads and off-road trails of Arkansas and Missouri were waiting for us. We all called it a night fairly early. I think we were all excited for what lay ahead for the weekend.

Friday April 22
I have to admit that I did not sleep as well as I should have. I was so excited, to see everyone. Thursday night we counted over 30 bikes in the lot, so I was excited to see how many more riders had shown up. We had 52 riders pre-register, so I knew we were going to have a full house. When I walked out to the parking lot I was greeted by many fresh and excited riders. This was going to be a great Friday!

Getting ready to ride!
Dual-sport guys ready to roll!

The parking lot was abuzz with activity. Riders were coming in and having breakfast, before heading out to the parking lot to kick tires before the ride meetings at 8:45am. Some of the street riders hit the road early as they wanted to get a few twisties under their belt before stopping for breakfast.

We had 10 riders for the street ride and the dual-sport gang showed up with 10 as well. We had our quick safety meeting before hitting the road. Everyone seemed excited to hit the road. The gang was fueled up and ready to ride. Todays route was 240 miles and we had it planned to have everyone back no later than 3:30pm so we could rest some and prepare for the 1st hamburger cookout in Ozark Escape history. Let’s ride!

Jamie and I were leading the street ride and we set off with the group in tow. We were out of town fairly quickly. Our route was going to take us down AR23 into Huntsville AR. That would be our first stop for the day. We would top of there, as the fuel stops would become more scarce further along in the ride.

The weather was already in the 60’s so it was great for riding. The group headed out of Huntsville to ride more of the famous pigtrail AR23 before turning off on one of my favorite roads. AR16 is a great road with lots of fun twists and turns, without all of the traffic that we saw on the pigtrail.

We had a fun spirited ride down 23 and then on 16. The pace was good and it seemed that everyone had a great time. We took a break at Who Da Thought it Arkansas. We had never stopped there, as it always seemed closed when we rode by. Today it was open and a number of the riders and pillions were excited for the clean restroom.

After our short break, we hit the road again. This time we jetted up the exciting road of AR123. The tight turns made for a fun ride and some good conversation as we rolled into Jasper AR for lunch. Our lunch stop was the Ozark Cafe and as always the service was top notch and the food was even better! When you are riding in Arkansas don’t miss the Ozark Café.

After lunch we headed out on AR 74 and made our way back to Eureka Springs. We put 245 miles on the bikes and I have to say that the smiles were abundant as we got to the hotel. It was a great day of riding and everyone seemed to have a good time. The dual-sport riders were also back when we rolled into the hotel.

Dustin and Kate (check them out on social media @solivesoride) had a great group ride out with them on the trails. It seems that they all had a blast and no one hurt themselves so it was a great ride. This was our first year of having an organized dual-sport ride. I think it was a huge success. From the feedback we have received, we will do it again next year!

It had been a great day of riding for all. Now we were all ready to take a shower before the hamburger cook out started. I want to thank those that helped us set up for the cookout. Many of the riders came by to help out and to offer support. Mostly they came over to laugh at us, but we were good with that.

We had a fantastic evening. We cooked up some Angus burgers and the riders all hung out and traded stories about the day. I did the best I could cooking on our camping stove that we carry in our Jeep on camping trips. Jamie was inside, making burgers and handing out chips, cookies and brownies. Everyone seemed to get enough to eat and the conversations were entertaining to say the least. We learned a lot during our first hamburger cookout, however I still think it was a success.

Saturday April 23
We woke up to another beautiful morning. The birds were singing and another great day of riding was on the horizon. We ate a quick breakfast and got the group together for another safety meeting. Today we were riding into southern Missouri, heading east to the Ferry and then lunch at a new place that we had never tried before. It was looking like day 2 of the Ozark Escape was going to be a good one. It would be hard to top the ride that we did on Friday, but we were going to try.

We had an enjoyable ride, took some back roads and enjoyed each others company. Michelle was toting around her dog in the coolest looking trailer. That dog was living his best life! We had a blast zooming through the Missouri countryside. We even jumped on a Ferry to get back into Arkansas. For those of you that have never taken the Peels ferry you are missing out. It is the last FREE ferry running in Arkansas. You can read more about it here.

We had a great lunch at the Bunker Grill. It is located at the golf course in Lead hill Arkansas. The folks had our table ready and the food and service were good and very affordable.

Sitting outside the restaurant was a beautiful Trans am. I loved that car back in the day. We took our time and enjoyed lunch.

We got back to the hotel around 4:30. It allowed for everyone to take a shower before hitting the town for dinner. It was a great ending to the day.

The Dual-sport gang rolled in a few minutes before us. They finished both days with no one injured and all of the bikes still running well. Today’s trails were a lot more technical and muddy. Everyone seemed to have big smiles and lots of stories to tell. It seems that the dual-sport rides were well received and will be on the agenda again for next years rally.

Sunday April 24
The weather forecast was rather ominous for our departure day. Some of the riders decided to take off late Saturday after dinner, and more left as quickly as they could on Sunday morning. The rains came around 4am and lasted until 8am. Then the skies cleared and the rest of us decided to not push our luck and hit the road. I made it back home without getting wet.

The weekend was so much fun. I put 600 miles on the bike over the weekend. We saw so many old friends and made some new ones. Everyone seemed to have a good time and that makes all of the hard work worth it. We are already planning next years event. You can see all of the pictures here in our Ozark Escape gallery.

Until next time. Be Kind and Ride Safe!

MOORE Expo 2022 – good times!

Jamie and me decided that we would take part in the MOORE Expo as a vendor this year and we were not disappointed!
Click here to watch the YouTube video.

This is our 3rd MOORE Expo that we have attended, however it is our first as a vendor, so we did not know what to expect.

I loaded up the JK and headed to Springfield early on Thursday as I did not know how the set up thing would work. I have done many trade shows in my life and sometimes the hardest part of the show is tearing down and setting up. Chris and the rest of the MOORE staff had the set up process running like a fine tuned machine and I was out of there in less than 2 hours.

The weather was not being kind. The wind was blowing hard and a cold front was rolling in. Last year we had snow for this event. I felt bad for all of the vendors outside. The good news is we had a fantastic day on Saturday and Sunday. The outdoor venues were really busy!

I figured I might as well go check into the hotel and then go find me something to eat. Let’s just say that my hotel experience was not a good one. The place was run down and I had to change rooms due to the AC unit being torn apart and laying all over the floor. This was not one of the better Quality Inns that I have stayed in. They did make it right by giving me a 50% discount, so I was happy about that.

The good news is I found a fantastic coffee shop right down the road form the hotel. Echelon Coffee was amazing and the staff was the best! Great coffee, great service and just a wonderful experience. We will be back!

I finished up the evening meeting some new friends and eating some world class BBQ at the Whole Hog. It was very good. I got to meet the fine folks from TC Teardrop trailers while eating. It was fun getting to chat with Todd & Carol and getting to know them a little. They have a great trailer, so if you are in the market, go check them out!

One of the best things about these events are getting to meet good folks that enjoy the same hobbies. The off-road / overlanding crowd for the most part have some great folks involved at all levels. Todd & Carol were just a few of the kind folks that we met over the course of the weekend.

Friday arrived and it was COLD! The wind was blowing and the temps were not going to climb out of the 40’s. However you would not have known it from the show turn out. The crowds were steady for most of the day! The inside vendors took advantage of the traffic as those poor folks outside were just trying to stay warm. It was so much fun speaking with folks from all over the U.S.

I did not get out into the show much as the booth was bust for most of the day! That is a good thing. Here are a few shots from that Friday.

The calm before the storm – right before the doors opened on Friday!
There were a ton of e-bikes at the show.

Jamie had to teach on Friday, but she rolled in right as the show was closing on Friday. We made it a short evening as we were both beat. My feet were killing me. I am out of practice at standing on hard floors all day. It was a great first day of the show. The weather forecast looked to be much better for Saturday, so we hit the bed with our spirits high!

We awoke on Saturday to blue skies and just a hint of wind! It was going to be a great day. We headed over to Echelon for breakfast before getting over to the show. What a fantastic day! The show had a ton of traffic and smiles were had by all. The day went by fast, as we stayed very busy. Jamie and I took turns and spoke with people so the other could go explore the show. There are so many cool things at these shows. Now I we need to do is win the lottery. Here are more pics from the show.

This Subaru got Jamie and I thinking….
I think we could do Van Life!
This may be a little overkill for our needs
We really liked this trailer.

We decided not to do the vendor party after the show. We drove to downtown and took in the Springfield brewery. The food took forever, but the service was top notch and the beer was tasty and cold. What else can one ask for? It was a good day and Jamie and me were looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

Sunday was almost as nice as Saturday. The winds picked up, but it stayed warm. The crowds were not as good as the first two days, but that is expected for a Sunday in the Midwest.

One of the cool things about this show was the story teller section. They had all the larger content creators parked in front. They spent most of the days just chatting with folks. Foe us, it is cool seeing these folks that we watch each week on YouTube. I am amazed at the money they have spent on gear. Some of the camera stuff was Hollywood quality equipment.

It was great getting to speak with Matt & Cara from Ozark Overland Adventures, they are always friendly and just seem like genuine folks.

We were excited to see Condiwomple Overland. We enjoy their channel and like all of the story tellers were so nice to speak with.

I got to speak with Matt from Frey’s on the side. The have a great family channel and has become one of our favorites. Go check them out.

One of the best out there in terms of story telling and drone footage is Rob at Revere Overland. I am sure I am missing someone, but you get the point! There was some serious YouTube talent at MOORE. Jamie and I are hoping to get to that level, but until then we will watch these fine folks and learn more tips of the trade!

The show ended at 2pm on Sunday and Jamie and I closed down shop pretty quickly. It was only a 2 hour drive home, but we were both pretty tired. It had been a long few days of standing on our feet and talking. Yes folks I got tired of talking, I know you all find that hard to believe.

Here are a few links for more information concerning this fantastic weekend. Until next time everyone, Be Safe and Be Kind!

Moore Expo
Complete Photo Gallery from the Expo
YouTube video from the Expo

I almost forgot. Our next show/event will be at KOAR. We will be heading to the Keweenaw Overland Adventure Retreat on Sept 15 – 18, 2022. This will be the first time for us to attend and support this event. Stay tuned for more information.

Ozark Run – 1st Arkansas Weekender of the year!

Kicking off the weekender series with some dual-sport riding in the Ozarks. Fun times!

We love this time of the year. Spring is right around the corner and the Ozarks are starting to bloom. So what is the best way to kick off the riding season? How about our first Arkansas Weekender Event!

This event took place on March 18-20, 2022. We had a couple of riders join us and had a fantastic weekend. Here is a quick ride report from this event.

It was a little chilly out on Thursday afternoon as I headed out to Eureka Springs. I was very excited as this would be the kick off event for Moto Adrenaline Tours. Our dream was coming true and I was excited to get started. The weather was overcast and chilly, but I was nothing but smiles with warmth in my heart!

My KTM ready for the years first dual-sport weekender event.

I rolled up to our host hotel, the quant little hotel nestled in the beautiful little village of Eureka Springs. We have been staying at the Edelweiss Inn since 2007. The hotel is clean, affordable and the owners are very accommodating. This years stay did not disappoint.

What a great selection of machines.

I got everyone checked in and hustled to my room to wait for everyone to ride in and to catch some March Madness on the tube. Dustin & Kate came in around 5:30 and Randy showed up around 6:30. Randy got the award for coming the farthest to ride with us. San Antonio is a haul on a Honda 300, so he split it up in two days. We made our introductions and then headed over to Café Amore for some amazing Italian food. It was a great way to start off the weekend event.

We woke up to a COLD and WET Friday morning! The temperature hovered around 38, so we had a little meeting and decided that we would have breakfast and head out around 10am, giving mother nature a chance to warm up a few degrees.

It was a cold and wet start to the event

We loaded up and rode off with our spirits high. The weather was warming up (41 degrees) and the rain looked like it would hold off for a few hours. Dustin & Kate were our ride leaders for this event and as always they were amazing! More on them later. We hit some back roads and enjoyed the morning. There is nothing like exploring the backroads here in Arkansas. We started off with some pretty tame roads, winding our way through the back country. We made our first stop of the day to take in the overlook at Kings River. It is a short 1/2 mile hike from the trail, but well worth the hike. Even in Motorcycle gear, it was a nice little stretch of the legs. The views did not disappoint.

Randy, Dustin & Kate
Dustin taking a moment to take it all in.
Not a bad view.
On top of the world

After our quick hike, we got back on the bikes and rode more dirt. The weather was still cooperating as it was not raining on us. We had some fun in the dirt, before arriving at our next stop. Glory B waterfall, is a little hidden gem. We spent a few minutes exploring the area. This is a great little spot to take a break from some nice backroad exploration.

A quick stop at the falls.
Randy taking some pics from behind the falls.
Kate & Dustin discussing our lunch options. Thanks for the pic Randy.
Our trusty Steeds
Beautiful morning for a dual-sport ride.
Lunch time

As luck would have it, the weather started to turn for the worse. The temps started to drop and the wind really picked up. Then came a steady cold drizzle rain. Not the best of riding conditions. This did not dampen our spirits however as we continued with the ride. We were building up a hefty appetite, as we enjoyed the back country roads. It was time for lunch. We rode for a few more miles before pointing the bikes in the direction of some warm food. Our lunch destination was the Bean Palace at the famous War Eagle Mill. We walked around the Mill, before heading upstairs for lunch. We had a great lunch and then we all took a vote and thought it was best to head back to the hotel. The temps were back in the high 30’s and the rain was coming down. It was time to get back and warm up, so we could do it all again tomorrow. The wind was a factor on the ride back as a strong 15-20 mph crosswind was not fun.

It’s cold, but we are having fun.
Dirty KTM
How about that view?

Everyone made it back to the hotel safely, if not a little cold. We took it easy the rest of the afternoon, getting warm and enjoying each others company. It was a nice way to spend the late afternoon. We finished the day by walking across the street for a small meal of Thai food, before turning in for the evening. The good news was, the weather forecast for tomorrow looked to be in our favor. Only time would tell.

We woke up to warmer temperatures, but more importantly the sun was shining! This morning Brian would be joining us. He camped out last night. Yes, I said he camped out. It still makes me shiver just thinking about it. We took in a hearty breakfast and hit the road looking for more back road fun. It was going to be a great day!

Our first stop was the little golden gate bridge of Arkansas. We took a few pictures, before heading off for some dirt.

The gang was all smiles.

We spent the next hour, riding some fun dirt roads, with some beautiful scenery. The roads were a little greasy as the mud made for some exciting moments. We took our time, did some off bike exploration and enjoyed some dual-sport comradery. We even did a few water crossings. This dual-sport thing is a ton of fun!

Randy’s machine was looking good in the Arkansas sun!
Not a bad place to take a break
Randy and his 300 looking good.
Brian is a pro at these water crossings.
Kate and her GS650 making it look easy
Little KTM getting it done!

The afternoon provided some excitement for the group. the roads became more difficult, the rocks grew larger, the mud came on thicker and we had a blast. It was a fantastic afternoon. The group had a ball. There was one section that really got our attention. Dustin and most of the group, took off down a challenging trail. I stayed back, understanding that my skill level did not allow for me to make it safely. I was glad I made that decision. The pictures do not tell the complete story. It was a fun afternoon.

The river bed bit Randy, but he was ok and ready to ride.
I did not think it was that deep – Dustin
Brian with the assist! It was a little muddy in spots.
Kate is wondering if she should try it.
Brian and his Honda did well.
I think I can… I think I can.
The gang had a blast playing in the Ozarks

We finished up the day after having a quick lunch at State Line Grab & Go BBQ. We took in a few more miles of dirt before heading back to Eureka Springs. We stopped by the Christ of the Ozarks to take a few pictures. The statue is 67 feet high and can be seen for miles. What a great day of riding! We all had a lot of fun. No one was hurt and the bikes performed flawlessly.

Part of the Berlin wall.

We got back to the hotel and said our goodbyes to Brian. He wanted to get back to camp before the sun went down. It was a pleasure riding with Brian and we look forward to spending more time in the dirt with him. The rest of us, took a shower and then we walked down the street to the Rockin’ Pig Saloon for dinner. This was the only negative experience of the trip. Poor service, Bad Food and a manager who needed a lesson in customer service. Let’s just say that we will not be going back.

The rest of the evening was so much fun. We all had a great time telling stories from the day. It was a great weekend. New friends were made and I am sure that memories were made that will last for awhile. A special thanks to Brian and Randy for joining us on our first Arkansas Weekender. You all made it a great weekend for all. Let’s do it again soon!

I want to say a special thanks to our ride leaders, Dustin & Kate. They know the back roads of Arkansas like no others. Their skill level and calming personalities make them wonderful guides and a joy to be around. They made this weekend special. I am proud that they are part of the Moto Adrenaline team. Thank you Dustin & Kate, you all ROCK!

If this trip looks fun and you are interested in joining us for one of our Arkansas Weekenders. Go check us out here for the details. The next Arkansas Weekender is a camping adventure at Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista Arkansas. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t delay in signing up.

You can see all of the pictures here: Ozark Run Weekender Event. You can see the Video from this weekend here on our YouTube Channel. Jerry & Jamie 2UP.

podcast 003: Coffee & conversation – catching up!

It is the week before spring break and we are just chillin, so we thought we would do a quick coffee & conversation.

This week we will talk about the upcoming riding season, the Ozark Escape, Jamie getting back in the saddle, and much more so stay tuned!

It is the week before spring break and we are just chillin, so we thought we would do a quick coffee & conversation. We are doing a podcast only this week. Video takes more time and I have a face made for radio.

Winter seems to finally be coming to an end. Hopefully! We are excited to start the riding season. We are lucky here in Arkansas we never really have to park the bikes, but the cold does hamper our time in the seat. Jamie is not a big fan of riding in the cold.

Kicking off the riding season and what is in store? We are excited about this year’s riding season, really looking forward to exploring some areas of the country we have not been to, while also taking some trips to enjoy areas that we are used to riding, CO, NC and NM

Ozark Escape April 22-24, 2022 Quality Inn in Eureka Springs Mention MSTA Arkansas to get the best rate Friday Night Cook out $10 before the event – $15 at the venue Event Shirts are $23 pre event. We will have a few limited sizes at the event for $28, but again there will be limited quantities. Ride groups and routes – Dustin & Kate doing the dual-sport routes We hope to see you all there. Just go to for more information. Or just contact us.

Jamie getting back in the saddle Practice – Practice – Practice What are Jamie’s goals for this riding season? What are you really excited about for this first year of riding? What is your Jamie’s biggest apprehension?

MOORE – Promoting our business and the MSTA The weekend of April 8-10 we will be in Springfield Mo for the Midwest Overlanding and Off-road Expo otherwise known as MOORE. Jamie and I will be in booth #90, so if you have some time and are in the area come by and say hi! We will be promoting Moto Adrenaline Tours and the MSTA at this event. Check out the event here:

MSTA STAR Rally – Cape Girardeau MO June 19-23

Jamie and I will be staying at Trail of Tears State Park – Lake Boutin Campground – Basic – 047 so come on by and see us. Don’t forget to sign up for this amazing event! Go to for more information.

The weather is looking better and hopefully we are done with the majority of cold weather. We will see. Mother nature can be cruel at times.

It’s one of our favorite time of the year. Riding season is about to start and March madness is here! It has been a couple of years since we have had a true final four and we are very excited for the round ball action.

Thank you for listening to Jerry & Jamie 2UP. We hope you enjoyed the show. We will skip next week as Jamie will be in New Mexico visiting her family for spring break. I will be out riding hopefully. Until next time everyone be safe and be kind.

Playing in the dirt

Trying to decide if the Dual-Sport life is for me.

I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 14 years old. My brother and I rode a friend’s Honda Elsinore 125 during the summer of ’76. It was the only experience I have riding a motorcycle in the dirt. My father bought me my first street bike when I was 16 after I graduated from the motorcycle safety course, and I have been riding on the street ever since.

Fast forward to the fall of 2021, my wife and I are sitting in a local pub when a friend sends me a link about a used KTM 390 Adventure. I don’t know if it was the adult beverage talking, but for some reason, I texted the seller of the bike. After a number of texts and a quick phone call, I was the proud owner of a dual-sport motorcycle. It was one of the most spur-of-the-moment purchases I have ever made.

Then the reality of owning a dual-sport hit me. What do I do now? I did not own any adventure gear, and I had not ridden off-road in over 40 years, what was I doing?

I have always enjoyed being outdoors. This activity usually involved my Jeep and some sort of camping excursion. I used to tell friends that I did not need a dual-sport motorcycle as I had my Jeep. I love camping, and we have done many trips on the motorcycle which involved some sort of camping. My ultimate day of riding includes taking on many miles of twisty roads, before ending the day at a campground.

I had resisted making the jump into adventure riding. I decided to buy the KTM to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. I figured worst-case scenario: If I did not enjoy it, I could turn around and sell the bike. What did I have to lose?

Many of my long-time street riding friends have become adventure riders, taking trips that involved dirt and street riding. Some had even tackled a few of the backroad discovery routes. The thought of riding off-road and taking in the back roads on two wheels appeals to me, but I won’t lie, I have some major apprehensions.

I’ll need to learn a different set of skills. I consider myself a good street rider, who enjoys a spirited ride along a twisty road; however, I have come to learn that riding on the dirt is different. I never feel 100% stable when riding on the dirt. The front and rear wheels seem to be all over the place, and at times, it feels like I have no control of the machine. I am trying to get more comfortable with standing up on the pegs while navigating turns and uphill climbs. It takes a completely different set of riding skills than I am used to. I almost feel like a beginning rider. I understand the physics of riding on the dirt, but it is going to take some time to gain the confidence that I have while riding on the street.

The other big thing in my head is the thought of hurting myself while riding off-road. Being 57 years of age, I do not seem to bounce back as quickly as I did 10-15 years ago. I know it is inevitable that I will drop the bike on one of our off-road excursions. but I can’t lie, it still scares me. I have purchased the correct gear, and I have taken as many precautions as I can to prepare the bike for the day that we fall down and go BOOM! I would hate to get injured during an off-road get-off. That would hamper the rest of my street riding season. I know that sounds odd, as I could be injured riding on the street as well. This is the struggle I am having in my head.

I have forced myself to get out and take little rides to become more familiar with riding the little KTM, while also learning the little nuances that make a good dual-sport rider. I am going to sign up and take an off-road class, but until that time, I am doing what I can to get out there and get better.

I am becoming more comfortable and excited, with each mile I spend on the dirt. It is extremely rewarding to climb off the bike after doing a section of trail that has taken me out of my comfort zone. I truly enjoy being in the forest or on a secluded dirt road. Nothing beats that freedom. Riding for miles without seeing another person has a calming effect. I am looking forward to spring so that I can throw some camping gear on the KTM and take off for a good 3-day weekend adventure.

I am proud of myself for taking the leap and trying something different on two-wheels. I will continue to practice and gain the experience needed to fully enjoy this new journey.

Will I ever become a diehard dual-sport enthusiast? Who knows? I am taking on a big challenge in May as I head off to do my first backcountry discovery route (BDR) in New Mexico. Oh yeah, then I am doing the Mid Atlantic BDR in late August. I guess that after this summer, I will know if playing in the dirt is for me.

Ozark Mountain Run – Only 5 more days to sign up!

Come join us in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on March 18-21, 2022. You won’t be disappointed!

There are only 5 days left to sign up for the Ozark Mountain Run event we are holding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on March 18-21, 2022. This is a Street & Dual-sport riding event. Spots are limited as we only have 8 spots left. Come kick off the riding season with us. This event includes lodging and guided rides through some of the best riding in the United States. Check out the signup page listed here. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a note. Until next time.. Ride Safe and Be Kind!

Big Bend NP – A great week with friends

Big Bend NP is one of the best kept secrets in the United States. This National Park is AMAZING!
What a great time with old and new friends.

We had been planning this trip for a few weeks. When it came down to it, Mark and I were the only ones who could make the jaunt down to southern Texas. I left NW Arkansas on Monday morning to make my way to Oklahoma to meet up with Mark for a quick lunch. We would then make our way to Wichita Falls Texas for the night. This would cut down on a super long day for tomorrow.

This is the last picture with our rigs being semi clean.
Credit – Mark Driscoll

We got up early, ate a quick hotel breakfast and hit the road. It would be a nice 9 hour drive to get to our camping location in Terlingua-Study Butte. The drive was uneventful, if not long, however we made it in pretty good time. We got our tents set up and relaxed the rest of the evening. Mark’s brother and sister in law, Brian and Nancy were already at the camp site there sprinter van was set up and they were cooking dinner. Not a bad way to be greeted. Howard and Ruby were also there in their big Class A. They were rolling in style. Mark and I were very happy to be camping in our gazelle tents. These tents would be tested later in the week when the weather changed.

After a great meal and catching up with friends, we turned in. We were excited to hit the trails in the morning. Not a bad way to start the trip.

Brian and Linda have a great little Sprinter van. Jamie and I would love this rig.

We were greeted with a beautiful sky and decent temps. Mark cooked us up some breakfast and then we all loaded up to hit the trails. Brian rode with me and Nancy tagged along with Mark for the day. I guess they felt that their van would not be a good choice for todays trails.

We hit the Panther Junction visitor center before jumping out on the trails. Today we would be doing Black Gap road. This is a Jeep badge of honor trail, however it was an easy trail and our little 2DR JK with 33’s and a 2″ lift did it easily. Heck even Marks Tacoma made it. (I joke.. I Joke) It was a fun trail and it was awesome seeing the reaction from Brian and Nancy as they had never experienced this type of off-road adventure. The weather was amazing and we all enjoyed the day.

Masks were mandatory in the NP visitor center.

We really enjoyed the day and stopped plenty of times to take in the beauty and to enjoy the day. This NP has so many options. You can explore all day long and never get off the pavement, or you can take the many off-road sections and explore the park that way. I have been down in the park on motorcycles and with the Jeep and both times, I have had an incredible time. Just remember to schedule enough time to stop and enjoy all that Big Bend has to offer.

One of the best features of Big Bend NP is the fact that you can venture off the beaten path and feel like you are the only folks in the park. The park is huge and during this time of year, can be very busy as the weather is conducive to winter exploration. We drove all day long and only came across a couple of other park explorers.

Black Gap was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed the drive. It was technical enough to keep your attention at times, but also allowed for us to do a ton of sight seeing. It is my kind of trail. Fun times were had by all.

This was a great day of exploring the park. We made it back in time to have a few adult beverages before cooking dinner. Tonight would test our warmth in the tents. During the day we saw temps in the mid 70’s. As the cold front rolled in, we would experience temps in the mid 30’s for our overnight sleep. Tomorrow the highs was forecasted to be in the low 40’s so a large change from the great weather we experienced today.

We woke up and let me tell you, it was COLD. My phone had the temp as 26 degrees and it felt every bit that cold. Add the 15 mph wind and it was down right frigid. The wind during the evening caused a few little hiccups. The hub on my Gazelle tent collapsed a few times, so at 4:30am in the cold I was tying it down more. Yes I should have done this when I set up the T4, but it had never happened in the past 2 years of us camping in the tent. Lesson learned and not really a big deal.

One of the cool things about the Study Butte RV Park is they have a café on the premises. With that being said, this RV park was a little disappointing. The views were interrupted with a ton of modular buildings on site and there were a number of areas that seemed like a trash dump. The camping was fine and it seemed that the RV part was very average. It was fine for our stay, but I would look to stay somewhere else on our next visit. We did visit during a peak winter season, so the options were limited as reservations had to be made at most locations. Don’t get me wrong, it was fine, just could have been so much better, with just a tad more TLC.

We got loaded up and hit the road. We were doing the River road, with a full day on Old Ore Road. We would not be disappointed with the trails today. It was unbelievable.

This day fit my style for off-road adventure. I love to see new isolated areas off the beaten path, requiring a vehicle capable enough to avoid large crowds. We spent the entire day and saw a handful of people. The roads were not technical, but did offer some fun from time to time. I am not a huge rock crawling kind of guy so this type of trip takes me to my happy place and there is little chance that you will hurt your vehicle to the point of being stuck in the middle of no where. The scenery is breath taking and like I said earlier Big Bend is a must see for all outdoor enthusiasts. Fun time was had by all.

We finished up this cool day on the trails and then headed into town to eat at the famous Starlight Theater in Terlingua. This is a must see. The food was very good, however it is the atmosphere that makes this place amazing. We enjoyed a great meal while telling stories of the past few days. This would be the last day of the entire group being together, Brian and Nancy were headed back to California early the next day, so they would not be joining us on the trails.

We had a little bit of excitement when we returned to the tents. As I was prepping to crawl in for a cold evening of camping, I noticed a car hauling ass into the park, followed closely by a sheriffs truck with lights and siren in full effect. I watched as the sheriff followed the car around the park, and then to my surprise they headed towards our camp. The car jumped into the camping area and drove between both of our tents before taking the 2′ jump off the wall and kept on going. He had to pass within 10′ for our tents and was very close to meeting the front end of Marks Tacoma. The Sherriff followed suit and before we knew it they were gone. After we both collected our thoughts, we were lucky that no one was hurt. It was crazy! We found out that the person driving the car had dropped off a few illegals and was fleeing from the sight of the drop off. Alpine police had to use tire strips to stop the vehicle. Crazy times in Terlingua indeed. Unfortunately this caught me off guard so I did not get a picture or video. I guess I was stunned.

It was another very cold evening of temps in the 20’s. We enjoyed a few cups of coffee and breakfast in the café, before heading back to camp and saying our goodbyes to Brian and Nancy. They were a lot of fun and hope to have our paths cross again in the near future.

We finished our last day with more exploration, along with a motorcycle rescue. The rider had run out of fuel on old Maverick Road. I thought this would be an easy fix as I always carry 2 gallons of extra fuel in my rotopax. However I had forgotten on the way to Mark’s house, I came across a guy on a Goldwing that had run out of fuel, so I gave him mine. I had not refilled the rotopax, so I could not help the rider. We were going to tow him to the road (sketchy at best) but was saved when another group of riders came by with some fuel. Crisis adverted. It is a good lesson for all. If you are off the beaten path, a few extra gallons of fuel can be a life saver.

Our time in Big Bend was almost over. The journey will be one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. It is a magical place and I was excited to spend the week in its beauty. The isolation of the area, makes it a great place to relax and get back in touch with what matters most. So glad I could spend the week with good friends. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Jamie could have joined us. Next time.. I promise she will be here.

That wraps up this latest off-road report. If you are interested in doing a trip like this, reach out to me at and we can get something planned.

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