Social Media, Why do we do it?

Why do we spend hours uploading blog posts, writing ride reports, editing and posting videos, reading and posting on forums and other social media platforms? It must be the money…. yeah that’s it!

Let’s dispel the myth quickly! Yes folks I am not getting rich from any of these sites. In fact I have made Zero $$$ from any of my social media sites. The biggest reason for this is…. I DON”T ASK for any money for any of the media sites that I manage. Including my Motoadrenalinetours site.

I got some feedback from someone on a DM from Facebook saying I was just using rides and doing reports to promote our Motoadrenalinetours business. First of all, the definition of business is;

Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

I have never asked for any money from anyone that has ever ridden with us or have used routes or any of my trip planning tools. There are no prices on any of the sites including

Then why do it? – The reason why is easy!

I am passionate about motorcycles. I like spending my time doing motorcycle related things. I love riding and sharing that experience with as many people as possible. We started our blog back in 2004. We have shared many great adventures with our riding friends. The rides are documented, the stories told and there are thousands and thousands of pictures to share. Many with great scenery, beautiful machines and my favorites.. those with riding friends with BIG smiles on there face. That is why I do it!

The internet has made it possible for our hobby to reach so many people with different backgrounds and geographical locations. When Jamie and I moved to Dallas, we came across a site named Two Wheeled Texans. We met so many great people through this site and we still utilize it to this day. We have friends that we have ridden with for over 15 years because of this cool thing called the internet. If our blog reaches just one new rider and they become excited and takes part in our wonderful hobby, I will be happy!

Our Sites – Getting the word out!

We have many outlets that we share our Motorcycle thoughts. Here is a quick breakdown;

Facebook: We have our personal sites, we belong to a number of groups (who’s entire reason for being.. is to promote that said activity) that we are very active in. I write posts, do videos and just talk to the motorcycle community. The object of Facebook is to get groups of like minded people talking, sharing ideas and creating a community. We try and do this. Any social media site will fade away and become forgotten if there is not steady traffic and a flow of ideas. So posting to sites it the life blood of making a group successful. That is why we do it. To promote this awesome hobby of motorcycling!

Instagram: Its all about the pictures! I get numerous comments from our Instagram sites stating that our rides always look like fun. That the people we are riding with are truly enjoying themselves. Folks that is the idea! Motorcycles are fun and promoting our hobby through these sites is a great thing!

Forums: I love reading and posting in a numerous amount of forums online. The exchange of ideas and the two way dialog just adds another enjoyable piece to this awesome hobby. I love the fact that no matter what you post or question you ask.. someone out there on the interweb has a thought or has experienced a scenario that could be like yours. Maybe I am the only one, but I get caught up in reading Ride reports for hours at a time. Sites like the following;
Two Wheeled Texans
Adventure Rider
These sites offer a number of incredible ride reports, that after I read them makes me want to go and ride! People spend a lot of time and energy posting these ride reports and for that I am very thankful. What are some of your favorite sites for reading about other peoples adventures and journeys? Leave a note in the comments.

Youtube: I have just started this site in 2019 and I really like making videos and telling a story about our rides. All 70 of my subscribers seem to enjoy them as well. haha

Again I am not doing it to get rich. I want to enjoy my hobby to its fullest and posting ride reports, videos and writing magazine articles adds to this great hobby for me.

In conclusion – Haters goin to Hate!

So I will not apologize for promoting the happiness and joy of being a motorcycle enthusiast. I will continue to write Ride reports, Post Videos, Writing articles for great magazines like StarReview and Kawasaki ROK and promoting motorcycling ever chance I get.

I do have some advice for the 1% who do not like it or feel I am promoting myself or my sites. This cool invention called the internet uses browsers to view content and believe it or not you can use your mouse and scroll right past any content you feel like not viewing! Its easy and simple.

Sorry for the Rant everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather and that you have gotten a chance to ride before it gets too cold!

Ride safe my friends!


Rule #1 – Ride your own Ride!

You are in control of your machine and your ride. Riding in a group is fun and exciting. Don’t let it obscure your own common sense and judgment.

It has happened to all of us. You are out riding with a group of friends, the road becomes twisty and the leader takes off. You get into a groove. Shifting around on your seat, setting the line, shooting out of the corner, this is one of the reasons you love riding a motorcycle. Then it happens… you realize that you are entering the right hand corner way to fast. You heart starts to race, this is not going to end well. That is all you can think about.

Miraculously you make it through the corner, you have not crashed the bike and your heart rate eventually starts to slow. A number of factors might have come into play in keeping you safe. maybe your skill level kicked in, maybe it was not your day to slam your bike into the ground, or maybe it was pure luck. You may never know, but one thing is obvious. You got caught up with the group. Riding harder and faster than your skill level would allow. It has happened to all of us. The bad news is that not all of these stories end like the one I just described. It could have ended much worse, it could have been life changing.

Unfortunately for Jamie and I, it did not end as outlined above. I low sided the bike and when the world stopped spinning, I was fine, the bike was totaled and my beautiful Pillion was being lifted into an ambulance with a broken scapula and some fractured ribs along with a number of deep bruises. It was the worst day of my motorcycle life.

Looking back at the accident, the only reason this happened was the lack of my ability to control the urge to try and ride someone else’s ride, instead of my own. It was not the fault of the very skilled rider I was trying to follow. It was not Jamie’s fault, it was 100% mine. From that day forward I have tried to follow the one rule that can save your life That rule is

Ride you own Ride

Here are a few tips that might help you avoid the scenario pictured above. These are not all inclusive, I am sure there are a number of things that I will miss, or you may not agree with. These are just some things I have observed through the years of riding within a group.

Understand & Respect your talent levelLeave your EGO at home.
Even if you don’t want to admit it. There is always someone faster, more talented and with a better understanding of Survival Reactions (Thanks Keith Code) than you. My accident above was caused by my L.O.T.
Yes folks that was caused by my Lack Of Talent. Be honest with yourself concerning your riding skills and you will live to ride for many more years to come.

Speed Kills
Most single rider accidents occur because the rider enters a corner “too hot” and then the L.O.T. kicks in and BAM it happens. The road is not a race track, you are not a MOTO GP racer and believe it or not, there are times, when gravel, animals, cars and other things that you can’t control enter your path. If you have your speed under control, these factors are easier to avoid and your day will end with a smile. Riding a motorcycle has its risks. Controlling things like speed can lower those risks.

Common Sense – Listen to it!
We all have it, some people use it more than others. Common sense is a riding skill that is needed for you to have a long and enjoyable riding life. How many times are you following someone and they get tired of following the same slow car for the past mile, so they take a chance and pass them on a double yellow line. Yes they can see through it and no they did not put themselves in harms way, however if you try to follow, those same factors may change. Use common sense and Ride your own Ride!

The group has been riding for over an hour and you need a break. You are starting to feel tired or need to stretch, but the group is not stopping. Do you go with the group, or do you try and get their attention, letting them know you need to stop? Use Common sense and Ride your own Ride!

Your group pulls into a parking lot and you do not feel comfortable parking on a downward slope or in the gravel. Should you just park and take your chances. Maybe you won’t drop the bike, maybe you will. Why chance it? Use Common Sense and Ride your own Ride!

You get the point. You are in control of your machine and your ride.

I am sure that even after riding for a number of years and writing these kinds of articles, I will still get caught up and not Ride my own Ride! Hopefully it will work out for the best, but if it does not, I will own it. We are all human and we will make mistakes from time to time. So when I take off with a group. I always remind myself to Ride my own Ride! It has become a habit and so far it has worked!

Until next time everyone, enjoy the cooler temps, the changing colors and the wonderful sights and sounds that escorts in the end of the riding season.

Ride Safe!


Motorcycle Gratitude

How cool is it that we can experience this thing called motorcycle riding?

As Jamie and I were riding along the rolling hills of SW Missouri heading into Oklahoma on Sunday, I felt a special sense of calmness surround us. The weather had a little crispness in the air, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. How fortunate for us, that we could be in this moment, at this very time. As the saying goes “life is good”.

While we were enjoying the ride, I started to think about how grateful I was that we could enjoy this great hobby. Being a motorcycle enthusiast is a privilege and I was so very thankful, that I was getting to share this special moment with my beautiful pillion. I think that we take the act of riding a motorcycle and enjoying the world with the air in our face for granted.

So with that thought on my mind, I decided that I would write a blog post outlining the top 5 things I am most grateful for in the terms of riding a motorcycle and what that means to my life. I am sure you may have different thoughts. Leave a comment if you think I missed a big one.
There are no right or wrong answers here.

These are my top 5.

1 – The Freedom
It is hard to explain to someone who does not ride. The act of throwing a leg over your bike, starting the motor and feeling the rumble. Riding out on a winding road, not another vehicle in sight. Just you and your machine. You feel the stress of the day leaving your body. Not a care in the world. This is the time to relax, recharge and enjoy the freedom that is motorcycle riding. I am thankful that riding my bike allows me a time to enjoy true freedom.

2 – The Friendships, Old & New
One of the best things that we love about riding is the friends we meet along the journey. We have made so many friends, that if we had not been riding motorcycles, our paths might have never crossed. That is so cool! You have different economic, demographic and cultural backgrounds all blending together, with one common denominator and that is being a motorcycle enthusiast. We have friends that we met over 20 years ago that we still talk to and ride with. I would challenge you on how many non motorcycle friends that you have, that have played a role in your life for that long. There is a special bond among riders and for this I am truly grateful.

3 –The Stories
Over the past 35+ years of riding a motorcycle I have collected a number of stories that still make me laugh or cry. Jamie and I have so many fantastic stories of great rides, harsh weather, some get offs and just chill’in by a fire after a long day of riding. Motorcycle journeys lend themselves to great stories. I am thankful that we have shared so many great stories with friends over the years. We also look forward to experiencing more in the near future.

4- Technology
I remember a time when I thought things like a GPS, heated gear, ABS, cruise control and heated grips were for riders that did not want to experience the complete ride! I am admitting now, that I was a complete and utter fool for having those thoughts. Technology has brought our level of riding enjoyment up 100 fold. Going into a corner a little hot?…. no worries… the cornering ABS and the riding controls will help you out of the situation that 20 years ago would have thrown you to the ground. The weather starts to get cold, turn on the heated grips and keep going. Looking for that gas station in the middle of no where. The GPS comes to the rescue! Motorcycle technology is one of the most exciting things happening in our hobby and for that I am so Thankful!

5- Personal Health
Jamie and I have been blessed with pretty decent health and have not had to take any long breaks from riding. We have been very fortunate that we can get on the bike, take a long or short trip and do not have to worry health wise if we are making the correct choice. We are so thankful for that.

We have had some friends that have had to stop riding, due to some health reasons. Life goes on and they are very happy in the new chapter of their life. I personally have been riding since I turned 14. It is in my blood and I would have a tough adjustment period if it were taken away from me. So I am very thankful for all of the days that I get to experience all that is mentioned above and more.

So the next time you go for a ride. Take a moment to reflect. How cool is it that we can experience this thing called motorcycle riding? I for one will never take it for granted! Until next time everyone,

Ride safe

Road trip

Smokey Mountain Road Trip

Deals Gap, Wayah Rd, Cherohala Skyway on the way to MotoAmerica Races in Birmingham AL.

This trip transformed a couple of times during its inception. It all started when Jeff & Becky mentioned that we should join them in Birmingham for the MotoAmerica races at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park.

Jamie and I thought this was a great idea so we booked the race tickets and the room in Alabama. I then started to plan a week long journey as I had 6 days of vacation coming. I could pair this with the weekends and I would get 10 days of riding in. Let’s Ride

Well as we all know, sometimes life happens. The following week after making these plans, Jamie was contacted and offered a full time teaching position. She really wanted to go on the trip, but this offer was too good to pass up. Now I had to move onto plan B. I knew I was going to do the trip, but I did have an extra race ticket. I started to think of my riding friends that would have the time to join me. Instantly my retired friend Bob, popped into my head. I told him I would give him the race tickets if he wanted to join me. He was in and the trip was set. I would meet him around Tuesday somewhere in Tennessee as he had a prior engagement for the weekend. Later I found out that my friend David had changed his trip plans and was now available. I contacted him and he said he was in! Awesome… we now had three. I tried to recruit one more friend Rob, but he passed. So it was the three of us hitting the road. It is a small world as David and Bob did not know each other before the trip, however they live within 3 miles of each other, so hopefully this will lead to a nice riding relationship. Funny how things work out!

I arranged all of the rooms and where we would meet up on this journey. We were ready to go.

I rolled out of the garage at 6:30am on Saturday September 14th. My goal was to get to Columbia TN for the evening. That was a good 560 mile day. This would allow for an easy ride into the Deals Gap area on Sunday as it was only 230 miles from Columbia. I took back road highways for the most part as I did not want to ride the Interstate but I also knew I needed to make some time. It was a pretty uneventful ride. It got hot in the afternoon as the bike recorded 94 a couple of times. Not unbearable but warm none the less.

The next day was Sunday and the trip really started on this day. I got up and hit the road. My final destination was Robbinsville NC, located at the base of the famous Deals Gap. The weather was perfect and the ride to the hotel included my favorite road. The Cherohala Skyway is an amazing stretch of road with endless curves and amazing scenery. It is a great way to start any day.

I stayed at the Quality Inn in Robbinsville and it was perfect! Great price, lots of motorcycle parking and a great starting destination for the next couple of days of riding this great area. I checked in and headed up to the Dragon. I was not going to ride it today as the weekends are kinda crazy up there. I just wanted to grab lunch and take in the atmosphere. I was so glad I did. I got to chat with a group from Germany that were touring the U.S. on Harley’s and they were so fun to listen too, as they told stories about the great riding they had experienced so far on their journey. I think sometime we take it for granted on how good the riding is here in the great USA.

I hung out for a couple of hours and then headed back the 18 twisty miles to my hotel. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. I was smiling from ear to ear as the trip was just starting. Life is good!

I awoke to a very foggy cool morning with temps in the low 60’s. I was getting up early to head out and take some early morning photos but the fog had other plans. I took my time getting around and hit the ride around 8am. I took my time and headed to the Deals Gap Resort to have breakfast and to ride the dragon for the first time on this trip.

There was no one up there and that was fine with me. I rode the dragon a couple of times. It is so much fun, when you do not have to worry about traffic, law enforcement or weather. I then headed down to Wayah Rd. It was more fun than the dragon and it was beautiful. I rode into Franklin to meet up with MSTA member Tommy who lives a few miles down the road. It was great catching up with him. We rode for a couple of hours and then parted ways. its always fun meeting up with other like minded motorcycle enthusiasts. – Takes great pictures
Thanks for joining me Tommy – It was a fun day!

I headed back to the hotel after Tommy and I said our goodbyes. I was sitting there and decided that I would ride up to the resort for an early dinner and to take some pictures.

That was a great plan. I also planned my route for the next morning. I would be riding to Cleveland TN to meet up with David and Bob. They were riding up from Dallas. This would be their first fun day of the tour. We would hit Ocoee hwy 74 and then Cherohala. It would be another great day of riding.

I took my time and did some sight seeing on the way to Cleveland. This area is so good for the rider who loves to do some sport touring. It has its great roads, along with some awesome sight seeing. I can’t say it enough I love this area for riding.

We had a great dinner that evening and just spent some time catching up. I had not ridden with Bob since the Colorado trip, so it was cool catching up. David had been up to the house a few weeks back, but its always good hanging out with him. David rode so hard he blew out his shoe. haha!

We woke up and rode a few miles to the Ocoee River Cafe. It was a good breakfast, but we were really glad we stopped as the owner showed us his pirate exhibit. It was pretty cool and listening to him, talk about it was even better. This dude was into it for sure!

We rode the Cherohala and headed up to the resort for a snack and some more motorcycle fellowship. It was a fantastic day of riding with good friends. This was a chill day of riding.

Love the Motoadrenalinetour sticker

We had a great time riding the skyway and doing some exploring. We stopped by Bald River Falls and took a break. We took our time and just enjoyed the roads for the rest of the day.

Thursday rolled around and it was time to start heading south to Birmingham. We were not in a big hurry and had lots more exploring and riding to do. We jumped up to the resort to have our last breakfast at the resort. I would be remiss if I did not tell the story of Alex and his friend. (Sorry, I did not catch his name.)

We first saw Alex and his riding friend the prior day on the Skyway. We all joked as we watched two old school bikes, just getting it! They were haulin ass and leaning those older machines like they were GP bikes. It was very impressive.

After breakfast we were walking around the resort and believe it or not there were the bikes that we saw from the previous day. It was a 650 nighthawk and a 650 Silverwing.. yes I said they were old school. They had vintage tags from Virginia. We noticed that the tires were being tested and the pegs and centerstand had been ground flat.

If Alex reads this, I am hoping he will send me the video, so I can post it!

Alex came out and we started a conversation. he then showed us a video of him and his friend from the night before on the Dragon, dragging half the bike off and shooting sparks everywhere. When I say sparks, that does not do the video justice. It looked like someone was welding! these kids were living life and enjoying the moment. Rode from Virginia on bikes that I might not ride down the road. I was a little envious as they were so down to earth, not caught up in the latest technology, they just wanted to ride! It was a highlight of the trip.

I then took the long way back to show the gang Fontana Dam. We took our time to check out the visitor center and to take some pictures.

Next up was Wayah road … yes again, it never gets old. We then headed down into Georgia to do Wolf Pen gap and take a quick break at Two Wheels only in Suches. We stayed the evening in Dahlonaga. We actually had a good sushi dinner in town, and it was in the same parking lot as the hotel. That’s always a plus after a long day of riding!

Today’s destination was Birmingham and the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park. We left early as we wanted to get into Birmingham in time to visit the museum. If you have not gotten to visit this motorcycle mecca, it has to be added to your bucket list. There is so much to see. We bought the weekend pass so we could take our time and see the entire exhibit without being rushed. We also went and picked up our race wristbands so we could get into the event when we wanted. I love this place. It is a well manicured, almost golf course like. It is immaculate and its a racetrack.. SCORE! You can see all of the pictures from the Museum here.

Race Weekend is here! Qualifying Saturday.

I had never attended a MotoAmerica race event and I have to admit I did not know what to expect. the crowds were not as large as I anticipated, however my only form of measurement was used comparing MOTO GP in Austin and this event. I should have known that this event would be smaller. See all of the race pictures here.

We spent the entire day Saturday just exploring the grounds and hanging out in the paddock. The weather was warm, but not over bearing. I think we walked every part of the grounds. As I said before this place is beautiful.

Let’s Race!

We started off by having breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast (Thanks Becky) Then we headed to the track for a day of road racing. It was an awesome day and the racing was very competitive.

I want to take a moment to thank Jeff & Becky for turning us on to this event. We met them at the MSTA – Ozark Escape Weekend that Jamie and I host. We hit it off and truly enjoy their company. they are both so full of life, funny and just darn nice folks!

It was great catching back up with them and we look forward to more adventures together. They brought their little Z125’s to the event and damn they are fun. I got to take it for a spin and now I want one. Thanks again to both of them and we can’t wait to ride with you all soon. Most of the pictures below were taken by them. Thanks for allowing me to use them in this ride report.

Heading Home

Well the day has come to head back home. It has been a great week. I put over 2800 miles on the Versys with no issues. Bob and David headed home via I-20 to Dallas. They stayed in Bossier City on Monday evening and took an easy stroll to big D on Tuesday morning. I on the other hand had to get back home so 630 miles later I rolled into the garage. I hit about an hour and a half of rain on the way home, but nothing more. I can’t complain as the weather was beautiful.

I will post the videos as soon as I can get some time to edit videos. So stay tuned. If you want to view more of the pictures from this trip. Just click on this gallery.

I would like to thank David and Bob for joining me on this trip. It is always great spending time with good friends on the road. Thanks guys.

lastly I want to thank my wonderful wife Jamie for being supportive about this trip. She understands that these trips are important to me and I love her so much for that. I love riding with my awesome pillion and we will have many journeys to come. Thanks Jamie for being so damn awesome!

Till next time! ride safe everyone!

Road trip

Versys Trip Prep

The bike is cleaned up, the oil changed and I am ready to roll. This will be a 10 day adventure, that will take me into TN, NC and all of those magnificent roads they have to offer. I will be doing the Dragon, Cherohalla Skyway, Wayah Rd, Wolfpen gap and many many more.

We will end up in Birmingham AL, for the MotoAmerica races so stay tuned for more videos and pictures.

Day Rides

Labor Day Ride To Eat

225 miles on great Arkansas Roads. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

It has been 10 years since I had the opportunity to have a Labor Day weekend off. The retail management field does not offer many holiday weekends off. This one did however and we took advantage of it.

Jamie and I got up and on the road around 7:15am. We were rewarded with a beautiful cool morning. The skies were overcast, but the threat of rain was minimal. We had sent out an invite to some of the social media groups that we frequent, with no response. So we figured we would be on our own. We rode to the departure lounge, had a quick coffee and headed out at 8am.

We took off over the lake and hit a nice twisty stretch to start our morning. The weather looked threatening in the distance. That did not dampen our enthusiasm and we plugged along. We came across some wet roads but never got any rain. I think we just followed it to breakfast.

We stopped in Kingston and took a little break. This is just a little hole in the wall place but it seems to be the cross roads of traffic. We enjoyed a quick 15 minutes and then headed down to Boxley Valley. We got to see some elk and just enjoy the valley. This is just another gem in our beautiful state of Arkansas.

We were both starting to get hungry so it was time to load up and get to Jasper so we could eat. We love the Ozark Cafe and today did not disappoint. We had a good breakfast and just hung out and enjoyed the morning. As we got loaded back up we decided that we would take the long way home.

After a nice little jaunt up the beautiful and scenic highway 7, we decided to make our way over to Eureka Springs. We understood that the holiday traffic would be a little rough in the Springs, but it was not that bad. We stopped and had a little snack at the Cat House. It is a great location to watch the world go by. I think we were the only non cruiser in the parking lot. We spent a good hour just enjoying our day together. Jamie and I need to slow down and do this more often.

When we arrived the lot had a number of open parking spaces. As we rode off, the lot was full of American made motorcycles. I always love hanging out here. It is such a great atmosphere for the motorcycle enthusiast.

We finished the day by riding up into Missouri and taking one of our favorite roads (hwy 90) home. We logged 219 miles and had a fantastic day. We hope that you all enjoy the pictures. You can see the entire gallery here. Thanks for reading the blog. Until next time.. Ride Safe!