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Sunday Ride

Devils Den State Park – Boston Mountains

Jamie & I got up and headed out on a little Sunday adventure. It was just the two of us and we had no time line or place to be. The weather was looking great and we were very excited to see what the day had in store for us.

We had a fantastic day exploring a part of NW Arkansas that we had not ridden in before. The Boston mountain scenic loop is a beautiful ride, with plenty of places to explore. We thought we had a place picked out to eat breakfast but they were closed, so we ventured on. We found dirt roads, beautiful places to pull over and enjoy the rivers, with roads that never disappoint. It was just another fantastic day of riding in NW Arkansas.

We found a cool little place to eat lunch called Grandma’s House cafe. The food was ok, but the place was packed. I am sure that if we had gotten to order off the menu, we would have enjoyed it a little more. Buffet food always seems rushed. There was a wait, but it was such a nice day no one really cared.

After eating we made our way over to Devils Den State Park. The ride was so beautiful. The road is tight with plenty of traffic so its not a fast road, but well worth the ride. It was awesome! Great weather and the views were breath taking. We took our time and stopped to enjoy the sights. It was a perfect Sunday ride.

We finished the day with just over 200 miles on the Versys. The Big V now has over 1800 miles on the clock and we are loving it more and more every ride.

We found a dirt road and got to put on 8-10 miles of off roading… haha it was pretty and no one was around. I could see the off road appeal.

Until next time everyone! Ride safe.

We do have a trip announcement to make here in the next couple of weeks. 9 days of true EPICNESS. Stay tuned. Click here to see all of the pictures from the day.

Road trip

Ozark Escape April 18 – 21

The day had finally arrived. The planning was complete and Jamie and I were loading up and heading out to the Ozark Great Escape. The destination was Mountain Home Arkansas, right in the middle of the famed Ozarks. To say we were excited was a huge understatement.

We slabbed our way to the hotel as rain was in the forecast and getting caught in twisty roads during a hard rain storm is not my idea of fun. We road most of the way in cool, but dry weather. That ended on the last 30 miles of our trip. It rained buckets and it was a great test for our rain gear.

As we rolled into the hotel, we were greeted by a minimum of 30 motorcycles. There was another group from Michigan (MSTR) staying at the same hotel. It made us smile. More bikes equal more fun. Most of the attendees were going to ride up on Friday. We rode up early as some of our friends from the Dallas area came up so we could do a nice loop on Friday. It was great getting to spend some time with old and new friends. The weekend was setting up to be a great one.

Friday April 19th – Overcast skies, cool temps and Fantastic Roads.

We had a gathering time set for 8am. As we got the bikes ready, it was apparent that the temps were not as high as the weatherman had predicted. It was 46 when we headed out under overcast skies. The weather looked threatening, however we all headed out with our spirits high.

A short 30 minutes into our ride, we turned onto the famous push mountain road (PMR)  or Arkansas 341 if you are keeping score at home. As always the road is a brilliant example of twist and turns, that warm the soul. That was a good thing as it was cold, with temps dropping into the low 40’s. After running PMR we were headed to Mountain View for breakfast, however much to our surprise, the old Cody’s in Fifty Six AR has been reopened and branded as Hunters. We made a quick U-turn and had breakfast there. We were not disappointed. Good food and warm coffee, what else could we have asked for?

After breakfast we took a nice 230 mile loop. The day warmed up a little, but we never saw rain. The traffic was light on all roads, so the riding was very enjoyable. We hit some Arkansas favorites like AR14, 74, 16, 123, 7. It still amazes me how good the riding is, in our great state. We are indeed spoiled when it comes to wonderful motorcycle roads.

We stopped for lunch in Jasper AR, at the Ozark Cafe. All of us were chatting about how we had missed the riding during the winter months and that this trip was a good way to kick off the riding season.

We got back to the hotel, to see many familiar smiling faces. After some quick catching up we all loaded up and headed out for a catfish dinner at Fred’s Fish House. The atmosphere was amazing, the views incredible and the food was pretty darn good as well. The only bummer was when we were checking out the owner seemed very testy with us and the staff. Maybe he was just having a bad day. We ended the day, making plans for the first official day of the Ozark Escape. We made plans to meet in the lobby at 8am, with kickstands up at 8:30. This would allow for the temps to warm up and the roads to be good and dry.

As Jamie and I were going over the days events, we both were smiling from ear to ear. This was day one and tomorrow was going to be another day of awesome riding.

Saturday April 20th – Great weather, Superb roads and Awesome friends!

The morning greeted us with a sunny warmth that had been missing from the previous day. The temp gauge on the Versys recorded 51° and it was not even 8AM. Today was the planned route with the MSTA gang that had been posted on the website. We had a group a little larger than I usually like, but it was going to be an easy pace for most of the ride. Some of the members decided to meet us at the breakfast location and this worked out well.

We all rolled out and took a nice leisurely ride through the Bull Shoals lake area. I had been in contact with Connie’s Cafe, so they knew our group was on the way. I loved the fact that they kept up with the group on social media and knew we were on the way.

Breakfast was great and we all had a wonderful time, getting to catch up with each other and to meet new friends is always a great way to start the day. The group seemed to all get along and the riding styles were all pretty close. It was fun meeting new people and for Jamie and I, we are always excited to meet new couples that ride.

Special shout out to Becky & Jeff from Louisiana. Not only are they a couple that ride, but they also ride a couple of Versys!

We all loaded up and headed down the road. We will be crossing Bull Shoals Lake using the services of the Peel ferry. It is a free service that shuttles cars across the lake into Missouri. It takes a lot of miles off the ride and gets us to the trophy road, that much quicker. The road I am speaking of is 125 in Missouri. Folks it is one of the best roads you will ever ride. Its beautiful sweeping turns that seem to last forever are a true test of any motorcycle enthusiast. The pavement is flawless, the banks are perfect, the rolling hills and awesome vistas make it hard to concentrate. With that being said, you better pay attention. The road is never straight for any amount of time. It is one of our favorite roads. It is a must ride.

We all enjoyed 125 and smiles were wide and plentiful. We made our way through the back roads of Missouri to our designated lunch stop. We were all ready for a break and the Rockbridge Trout & Game Ranch is a great place to catch your breath and stretch your legs. The food is good and the scenery is breathtaking. We enjoyed our time here, not getting in a rush as we all wanted to take in this wonderful day. It is days like this that seemed specifically designed for us “Biker” types.

The day ended with a spirited ride back to the hotel. Everyone took some time to relax and take in what the day had supplied for us. We all were a little saddened that the event would be ending soon and we would all be parting ways. The group all loaded up one more time this fine day as we all road down the rode to take part in our last meal as a group. It seems like all we do on these trips is eat. What’s better than riding fantastic roads with good friends and finishing up all breaking bread and reminiscing about the good and bad of the day? ,

Sunday April 21th – Easter Sunday,  All good things come to an end!

The morning started off with all of us saying our goodbyes. The Texas group was up early and left the hotel by 7AM. The rest all took off at random times, after eating breakfast and getting some coffee. Jamie and I finished our trip riding with our good friends Bill & Gayla. Not a bad way to end any trip.

I still have to pinch myself to realize that I life in this area and we can do these roads almost anytime we want. If you have not ridden in this area, you must find a way to make it happen. Reach out to jamie and I as we would love to show you around. Until next time, ride safe and be kind!

You can see all of the pictures from this event here.

Day Rides

Jamie’s FIRST Time

On the Versys that is…

Jamie’s First Time – The first time on the Versys that is. We had a little break from the cold and the rain and decided to join our friends for a quick lunch. We lucked out and dodged all of the rain drops and had a fantastic ride. We even got the Sena PRO10C to work. The camera has not had an issue, its been operator error! I hope you enjoy this video. There will be many more to come.

Day Rides

Beautiful Day for a Ride!

Nothing beats a little ride on MO90 to break up a non eventful day!

Got out on the new Versys today. Headed out to MO90 and rode over to Noel. It was a rare beautiful and warm spring day. So I had to take advantage of that. The new Sena PRO 10C is kicking my butt. This time I did not charge it enough. Well maybe it will work next time.

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Epic Fail

Good news was I got to get some riding in on the new Versys and WOW!

I can’t believe that I actually did this. I took advantage of some great weather to try out the New Versys and a bonus would be the fact that I could see how the new Sena PRO 10C would do in the real world.

I am sure it would have done well, If I had remembered to remove the lens cap. I did get some good audio, but nothing but black abyss for the video. Man I am an idiot!

The good news is I will have many other days to get video. The New Versys was amazing and I was all smiles by the time I rolled back into the garage. Fun times for sure.

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