Moto Camping

To me, nothing beats waking up in a tent in the cool mountain air, with nothing planned except a great day of riding!

I remember back in the day, when my dad would load up his Beemer with a tent and sleeping bag and would ride off, not to be seen for a couple of days. He would return, unshaven, smelling like the outdoors and grinning from ear to ear. When we asked him about his ride, he would always say the same thing. “Nothing beats motorcycle camping”.

Now later in life I feel the same way. My dad and I got to spend many trips riding all day, while camping along the way. I will never forget those memories.

Jamie and I love the camping life when it comes to the Bike or Jeep. There are so many things to factor in while moto camping. Its hard to pack all of the items needed for a successful camping trip. So planning is the key.

One of the most important factors in a good moto camping trip is the gear that you take along with you. You will need a great tent, good sleeping bags and the most important item for us is the sleeping pad. Then you can plan for the rest. We will post with some pictures of our gear and the things that make our trips so enjoyable in a later post if you all are interested.

Jamie and I had a great camping trip last year in Kentucky. The weather was warm, but the trip was excellent and I feel it would not have been the same if we had stayed in a hotel. We have camped in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky. Each of these areas offer a great camping experience.

This year we have committed to more of these moto camping trips. We hope we can run into some old and new friends along the way. Check out some pics from previous camping trips.

I will be posting more camping posts here in the next few weeks. Until then be safe!


1st Ride of 2019

What a beautiful day to play around with the GoPro Hero Black 7. Lot’s of mistakes.

The weather was AMAZING today! Hard to believe that we are in January and we still have days with temps in the 60’s. I wanted to get out and ride and I also wanted to test the new GoPro Hero 7 Black, that Santa brought to me over the holidays.

I set up the camera with mounts on my windscreen and the top of my Bell Helmet. I want to try and get different vantage points for the videos I want to post on YouTube. I started the day off great, except for the part where I did not tighten my chin strap. I guess I was so busy getting the camera ready, I forgot to do this very important step. I have to remind myself to continue my ride routines, even if we are doing a video. Safety has to come first and I will make sure not to do that again hopefully.

There were a number of mistakes today. The good news is they were all concerning the Hero Black 7. I put the camera at too low of an angle to start, Then I filmed in “Instagram mode” …. of course this was the best part of the ride as the roads were not busy and the curves were plentiful.

I followed that up by taking some horrible pictures with the GoPro as I left the brightness too high.

There was plenty of Good things to report today as well;

1- The weather was fantastic, There was little traffic and the roads were in great shape.
2- I made a number of videos and became more comfortable with the moto vlogging process
3- I learned some video editing and hopefully will get better each time I dive in and do more videos.

All in all it was a great day! You can see the video here on my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/lobo10s

Also you can check out what the video should have looked like in landscape mode. See that here: https://youtu.be/RVnarg7bAYM

Until next time everyone – Ride Safe!


8342 in 2018

Not too bad for 8 months of riding!

Last year was a slow year in the saddle for Jamie and I . Relocating and not having my Versys for almost 4 months hampered the total miles logged for 2018.

We did get in an Epic summer journey as we spent 10 days in Kentucky and Missouri. We attended our first rally with the MSTA group and it was a great event. We did make good use of the time on the Versys as we got to log most of the miles on great roads with good friends.

We are looking forward to logging more miles this year. We have some plans for a couple of bigger rides and we have really decided to ride as much as possible in the upcoming year. 2019 looks to be a great year of riding.


Just what the World needs… another vlogger.

Christmas was kind to me and I am now an owner of a Hero Black 7 GoPro, hope I don’t suck to bad.

It is Christmas day and I am so excited! Jamie gave me to green light to order the new Hero Black 7 GoPro. The features look amazing! The key features that peaked my interest were; Voice control, Rugged, Super Photo and the most exciting Hyper Smooth.

Gimbal-like stabilization–without the gimbal.

So I have decided to add a YouTube page to the blog. When I post my first video, I will send the link so that you all can subscribe and stay up to date with the blog. I am sure the first video will need some work so I will be asking for your thoughts. The camera should be in my hands on Dec 27th. I ordered the Hero Black 7 along with a small hand / tripod, a wrist lanyard and a microphone adapter. I will be ordering an external mic as soon as I do more research.

I have been overloading on YouTube videos with tips on how to make good videos and the tips of having a decent channel. I really want to make this a fun endeavor for both you all and for myself. I plan on doing all sorts of videos so I hope that you all stay tuned.

Jamie and I hope that you all had a great Christmas. Until next time, Ride Safe!


StarReview 2019 – Digital Edition

The first thing I have to say is WOW! This new digital copy looks so amazing and professional. As you all know we are new to the MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association) community. In the past 6 months we have met some great people in this group. Special thanks to Bill and Gayla O’Brien for introducing us the the great folks in the Arkansas chapter. 

Jamie and I have attended two larger events and they have been so much fun. We will be attending many more in the near future. One of the reasons I am shouting out this new look is we have been asked to write a couple of ride reports and they are in this latest edition. So take a moment to download the issue and give it a try. 

While reading the latest digital edition, we came across the join us page and much to our surprise, there we were. Jamie and I in our helmets ready to hit the road. I love that we are a part of the MSTA and that we can help boost our membership. 

I am asking that you all take a few moments and read through the issue. Tell me your thoughts. How do you like the layout and look? How was the two articles that I wrote? Just give me your impressions of the issue. 

Until next time – Ride Safe Everyone!


6 is the perfect number!

Riding with a group can be fun, however how many is too many?

Is 6 the perfect number for you?

Group riding has its Pro’s and Con’s. It is up to you to decide and to balance how many riders makes for the most enjoyable riding experience.

We have all been on a ride when something negative has happened to a rider in the group. This could be a lost key, a rider running out of fuel, mechanical issues, dropping a bike or probably the worst scenario a health concern. In these cases it is very comforting to know that there are a number of people in the group that might be able to lend some assistance. There is peace of mind in numbers.

There are times however that too many riders can cause some issues. How many of you have been on a group ride and the leader or someone in the group decides to make a sudden change of direction, or breaks quickly and hard due to a hazard in the road? This makes for a few scary moments as all of the riders in the group have to adjust and make changes to avoid any obstacles ahead of them. This chain reaction can be dangerous. It only takes one rider not paying attention and disaster strikes.  

The above mentioned Pro’s and Con’s can never be planned for, however I do feel that all the scenarios listed are best addressed with the “Perfect 6”. Six bikes to me is the perfect number. The group can stay close to each other, without the dreaded rubber band effect. Depending on skill level, the pace can be spirited without causing too much separation or getting to bunched up. Last but not least it also lends itself to having enough riders that can help in an emergency situation.

I understand that this number could be smaller or larger depending on the situation. Today I am painting with  a broad brush, but I am sticking with the number 6.

What is your perfect number and why? Tell me your thoughts.